forever in pain *the remembering sequal*zayn Malik

After zayn cheated on her with her best friend Mariah moves back to Alberta, zayn still haunting her every second. Liam and dani suddenly show up one day with news on zayn. This a very terrible.kind of news. Zayn plans on killing himself.for hurting Mariah. Will Mariah Ali him out of it or will he still go through with it, even though Mariah forgives him.


1. a year in the making

Mariahs POV It's been over a year since I left zayn, it still hurts, a lot has happened since then, I keep in touch with the boys, but, I started cutting.again. Im still anorexic I became anorexic after.I left zayn, I felt like I wasn't important anymore, I felt lots of things. Im in Toronto now. The guys and I everyone but zayn are meeting up. I pull up to Starbucks, my heart immediately stops. He looks so terrible, whats wrong with him? He is so skinny and pale, and not himself, he looks so depressed, I have never seen him this way. But what really baffles me. Why is he so skinny? Zayns POV Toronto yay! *note the sarcasm*. I dont want to , but I have to. Management is making me, I don't go out very often anymore, ever since she left. I really fucked up, big time, I never should have hurt her. I wonder how she's doing. I still love her! Im in line yo get coffee with the boys and some 'special guest' when will they accept, no ever going to be as special to me as her. Life is so unfair. "bro calm down you look like your gonna start crying again. Thinking about Mariah again?" niall asks his thick Irish accent interrupting my train of thought. I miss everything about her. Her eyes, nose, mouth, scars, insecurities, everything, but mostly the feeling of her beside me.
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