Is It Love?

Gracey gets V.I.P tickets to a One Direction concert before the concert she accidentally bumps in to Niall and they can't take their eyes off each other Niall was hopeing he would see her again and when he does will he confess? And is a certain someone start eyeing Jenny?


6. the double date

Graceys POV 

Things are a lot better now  im really happy with harry untill he came up to me and said "babe were having a double date you, me, niall, and his girlfriend" are you serious im not going on a date with slut and the falcon "ok fine babe" wtf! why me!!!!

*ding dong* ughh theyre here. im not answering the door "babe you gonna get that" "hell no" "are you jealous?" "maybe" "well im gonna  get the door then" im jealous? i am.i miss being with Niall i need him i love harry but i love Niall more. i just need to get through this date it'll be fine. i hope

Nialls POV 

i want Gracey back so bad i think im gonna break up with jessica im getting my princess back! "jessica?" "yeah niall" "were breaking up" "why is it that bitch with harry is that why niall?" "yes and i dont like you because you're the bitch" "whatever bye niall" yes. shes gone! time to get Gracey back 

Graceys POV

oh great niall is coming up to me what the hell does he want "gracey i still love you i need you!" "i need you too niall" when i said that harry walked in i told him we should break up and that i still love him but my heart wants to be with niall he understands but i feel bad then niall got down on one knee and proposed! omg of course i said yes i cant wait to be with niall forever wow! this was so unexpected! but i'm still happy

Harrys POV 

i cant believe what niall just did to me stole my girl then proposes to her! 

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