Is It Love?

Gracey gets V.I.P tickets to a One Direction concert before the concert she accidentally bumps in to Niall and they can't take their eyes off each other Niall was hopeing he would see her again and when he does will he confess? And is a certain someone start eyeing Jenny?


5. the betrayal

Graceys POV

*bzzzz* my phone went off it  was a girl who i didnt know saying "me and niall are together dont try to get in the picture",then below it was a picture of him and the girl kissing. i felt like my heart stopped and my whole world dropped i started to cry and i started screaming at Niall.  he was so confused so i through my phone at him and he saw the picture then he dropped to his knees saying im sorry babe i love you but i ignored him and started packing my things i called Harry and told him everything so he picked me up. am i  falling for him? i think i am but he probably doesnt like me back. untill he said "gracey im in love with you and seeing you with niall broke my heart,will you be mine?" i didnt know what to say i miss niall why would he cheat on me?  "yes!" why did i just say yes to Harry?!? 



sorry for the short chapter..... writers block

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