Is It Love?

Gracey gets V.I.P tickets to a One Direction concert before the concert she accidentally bumps in to Niall and they can't take their eyes off each other Niall was hopeing he would see her again and when he does will he confess? And is a certain someone start eyeing Jenny?


7. new couples

Graceys POV 

i  need to call jenny about the wedding *ring ring* "hello?" "hey jenny" "hi gracey anything new?" "yes niall proposed!" "omfg really! im so happy for you" "so, how about you and Louis?" "just friends *sigh*" "jenny dont worry he will make a move. hey wanna come over and see him?" "hell yeah!" "ok see you in a few" "ok bye" 

Louis's POV 

yes! jenny is coming over! i feel bad for easdropping but it was worth it! i love jenny she makes my heart beat a mile a minute *ding dong* jenny!!  "ill get it" i heard gracey say when she opened that door the sexy figure im in love with walked in she looked so damn sexy i have to make my move "hey Jenny can i talk to you in the kitchen?" "yeah" "i love you so much and i want you to be mine. will you?" "yes!" yes she said yes!!!!

Jenny's POV 

yes! finally i have the man of my dreams i couldnt be happier. 

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