Is It Love?

Gracey gets V.I.P tickets to a One Direction concert before the concert she accidentally bumps in to Niall and they can't take their eyes off each other Niall was hopeing he would see her again and when he does will he confess? And is a certain someone start eyeing Jenny?


3. First Date Gone Wrong

Nialls POV 

me and Gracey need to go on a date but i dont know how to ask her where should i take her? Nandos! yes its perfect i know she'll love it! "hey babe!" "yes Niall?" "lets go on a date!" "ok babe" yes this will be the best first date ever

Graceys POV

omg feels i cant believe our first date is tonight and were going to Nandos ive always wanted to go there. what the hell am i going to wear? blue dress? red? pink? i dont know this is all confusing.... ooh my purple one! its perfect now shoes um lets see  my black heels? yes it looks perfect! what time is is? 7:45 wait what time is he picking me up ill text him "hey babe what time are you picking me up?" "8:00" "k babe see ya then" time to spare some time.....fuck there is nothing to do im going on Twitter i wish i didnt do that cause all these hate tweets were flooding my notifications i started crying my makeup was all fucked up i told Niall to cancel our date then  i went into the bathroom grabbed a razor and started cutting myself and broke down in tears then Niall walked in and i showed him the tweets then he tweeted to the "directioners" that he loved me and i was the best thing that happened to him i was still upset so me and him cuddled until i fell asleep.

Nialls POV

I cant believe what those so called "directioners" did to my princess all i know is that i need to be there for Gracey tomorrow im gonna have her meet my mom and help her keep her mind off things. 

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