Is It Love?

Gracey gets V.I.P tickets to a One Direction concert before the concert she accidentally bumps in to Niall and they can't take their eyes off each other Niall was hopeing he would see her again and when he does will he confess? And is a certain someone start eyeing Jenny?


1. 1 hour

Graceys POV

Only 1 hour till I see one direction with Genny!! I can't wait I think I have all my stuff ready I'm all decked out in my 1D stuff I'm so excited I'm meeting them!!!!!!! 

*1 hour later* 

Im almost there only 2 minutes till one direction. as I pulled into a huge but packed parking lot I found a spot that Genny pointed out! I got out and headed for the ticket person then all of a sudden some idiot runs right into me "sorry" he said in the sexiest Irish accent ever then I looked up and saw it was Niall Horan OMFG Feels! We couldn't stop looking into each others eyes then a mob of directioners mobbed him so we went to find our seats.

Nialls POV 

wow she was gorgeous I hope I see her again oh I gotta go its almost time

*beginning of concert* 

we're starting off with LWWY it was almost my solo so I walked to the front of the stage and I saw her and her beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair I almost missed my solo 

*skip songs, end of concert* 

"Alright directioners if you have backstage passes I want you to follow this security guard" Louis said. I saw a lot of girls running toward the guard then the girl got up and followed the guard I was so excited! 

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