I Need Somebody

This is a story about a girl who finds herself falling for the biggest jerk in the school. Her name is Sodona she has friends by the names of Sydney, Jalaya, Diamond, and Kadie. When Sodona was 4 her parents gave her away. Ever since she has wanted nothing to do with them. Sodona lives with her friend (Kadie) in Pennsylvania. While Sodona is falling for the guy he puts him self on the internet singing his name is Justin... Bieber.
Justins POV (point of view)
I'm think I'm falling for this girl in all of my classes , shes the same age as me (18), she has the cutest smile a girl could have. I don't think she likes me so ill just stick to being me.


30. Our Kid

Sodona POV
Justin: babe wake up
I woke up and looked at Justin and Tibbie smiling at me.
Tibbie: Justin told me a lot of great things about you! He said you were his girlfriend! Is that true? Does he treat you good? If he kidnapped you blink once for no and twice for yes!
I laughed
Sodona: lets see. Umm, yes, yes… *blinks once*
She smiled and turned around.
Justin: do you mind if we take her home cause her mom texted and said she couldn’t and that she would have to call a cab. Tibbie texted back and said she had someone and her mom said it was okay. After I talked to her.
I looked at Justin and seen how much he liked this little girl and nodded my head. An instant smile appeared on his face. I smiled back.
We got off the plane and into the limo after fighting some paps. Tibbie got in behind us with a huge smile on her face. She sat right beside Justin and put her head on his shoulder. They looked so cute together. I smiled and made a comment.
Sodona: Wow looks like the new girl is taking my man
Tibbie: I'm so sorry I’ll move I didn’t mean to upset you.
She started to get up and looked really sad like she was going to cry.
Sodona: no, sit I was just playing. I promise.
I laughed and she laughed with me.
We got to her house and got out with her. When we got to her door Justin knocked and we waited for someone to open  the door. Justin knocked again. Still no answer. The lights were on. Justin tried to see if the door was unlocked and it was. We walked in.
Tibbie: MOM???
She ran up stairs while we waited down stairs.
*Tibbie screams*
We ran as fast as we could upstairs to see a body with blood all around her. I think it was her mom. I quickly ran and grabbed Tibbie and taking her down stairs. Justin called 911 while I sat on the couch holding Tibbie while she cried.
Tibbie: I-I have nobody n-now!
I looked at her confused.
Tibbie: M-my dad died last week a-and my grandparents d-d-don’t like me.
Sodona: Oh my. We will find something out I promise.
The cops and ambulance have already arrived and Tibbie was asleep on the couch.
Sodona: Justin!
Justin turned around.
Justin: Yeah?
Sodona: Tibbie’s dad died last week her grandparents don’t like her. She has nobody left. What do we do?
Justin stood there for about 2 or 3 minutes thinking.
Justin: Its up to you cause its fine with me but do you want to adopt her?
I looked at him. Then smiled.
Sodona:  that would be nice.
Justin grabbed Tibbie’s luggage and put it in the limo. I picked up Tibbie, who was still sleeping, and put her in the limo laying on my lap. She woke up.
Tibbie: where are we going?
Sodona: Well me and Justin are adopting you so your going to be our kid.
She smiled a faint smile and fell back to sleep.
Justin got in.
Justin: Ready?
Sodona: Yep.

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