I Need Somebody

This is a story about a girl who finds herself falling for the biggest jerk in the school. Her name is Sodona she has friends by the names of Sydney, Jalaya, Diamond, and Kadie. When Sodona was 4 her parents gave her away. Ever since she has wanted nothing to do with them. Sodona lives with her friend (Kadie) in Pennsylvania. While Sodona is falling for the guy he puts him self on the internet singing his name is Justin... Bieber.
Justins POV (point of view)
I'm think I'm falling for this girl in all of my classes , shes the same age as me (18), she has the cutest smile a girl could have. I don't think she likes me so ill just stick to being me.




as we left 7th period i went to my locker and put all my books in there and as i went to close my locker i hear

"hey sexy"

it was some dumb 11th grader going to class. Fuck him. When i got done i put my backpack on and went on my way when i was about to walk in my class Justin pulled my arm and said

J;did you forget already

S; no i would never forget about the hottest guy in school

J;haha well lets go

S; okay hold on i have to text jalaya and tell her im leaving

J; okay I'll be right back give me a second and we shall be on our ways

S; okay


Hey im going out with Justin to get coffee can you tell Kadie for me and i wont be long i did not forget about our girls night ill be home about 8:00


Okay dont get pregnant and dont text back cause i am going to have my music blasting in my car.:)

omg i cant believe she just said that and why would she think i would get pregnant, well all i could think about was haw he was going to ask me out. Was it going to be like hey whats up wanna date me or hey I've been thinking and i think we should date.

Justin came up and said

J; ready

S; yup lets go get coffee

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