I Need Somebody

This is a story about a girl who finds herself falling for the biggest jerk in the school. Her name is Sodona she has friends by the names of Sydney, Jalaya, Diamond, and Kadie. When Sodona was 4 her parents gave her away. Ever since she has wanted nothing to do with them. Sodona lives with her friend (Kadie) in Pennsylvania. While Sodona is falling for the guy he puts him self on the internet singing his name is Justin... Bieber.
Justins POV (point of view)
I'm think I'm falling for this girl in all of my classes , shes the same age as me (18), she has the cutest smile a girl could have. I don't think she likes me so ill just stick to being me.


22. Hospital Kiss



I woke up screaming from a dream to see Justin running to me looking concerned. I was crying by this time.

J: Sodona, are you okay? Whats wrong?

S: I-I-I h-had a dream y-you left me.

I was crying and not looking at Justin. He took two fingers lifted my chin, wiped my tears away...

J: Don't ever, I mean ever think I would leave you. Okay.

I was sniffling but got myself to reply...

S: Okay, but promise me that you won't leave me for another girl.

J: I promise you are the only person in my life that I have loved so much.

I looked into his big caramel eyes and he slowly moved in. We were inches apart and he kissed me. I felt nothing but love in this kiss, my first kiss and I was happy to share it with him. We pulled apart and hugged. While we were in a hug I heard someone walk in and start clapping. When I looked over it was Kadie and Brandon.

S: Hey.

B: I see your feeling better.

S: Yeah, I'm also sorry that we could not have our day.

B: It's fine. We can have it tomorrow.

Brandon was smiling like an idiot. I still love him though.

S: So, I can leave tomorrow?

J: That's what the doctor said.

I Just smiled at the thought of it. I get to get my day with Brandon, YAY!!!

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