I Need Somebody

This is a story about a girl who finds herself falling for the biggest jerk in the school. Her name is Sodona she has friends by the names of Sydney, Jalaya, Diamond, and Kadie. When Sodona was 4 her parents gave her away. Ever since she has wanted nothing to do with them. Sodona lives with her friend (Kadie) in Pennsylvania. While Sodona is falling for the guy he puts him self on the internet singing his name is Justin... Bieber.
Justins POV (point of view)
I'm think I'm falling for this girl in all of my classes , shes the same age as me (18), she has the cutest smile a girl could have. I don't think she likes me so ill just stick to being me.


7. Girls night or not

As i was walking to my room and all i could think about was Justin and how he was my boyfriend. When i got to my room i changed into some pajamas. When i was walking down stairs i heard the door open and 3 people say we're here i ran down stairs and i noticed Kadie was right behind me.



SY; SOOOOO how was your date with Justin

S; awesome guess what happened

Everyone; WHAT


Everyone; OMG

J; so what are we watching for tonight

D; well umm i have something to tell yall so listen up i have to go on a date with Zayn tonight so i have to leave soon well actually i have to go like right now cause he is outside waiting for me to come out.

S; okay have a nice time dont get pregnant


J; wait i said that to you haha

SY: what im lost right now aaaaaaaahhhhhhh

S; its okay i mean since she is leaving who wants to invite over Louis, Harry, Niall, and Justin so we wont feel left out

everyone; okay

as i looked for Justins number i got a text and it said

From; Justin <3 <3

hey by any chance can i come over if its okay with the girls :)


To: Justin <3 <3

yeah i was just about to call you and ask if you wanted to come over and stay the night


From; Justin <3 <3

Okay ill be over in no time get ready to be picked up ;)


After what just happened i knew this night would be awesome and most best night ever now that Justin can come over. I was the happiest girl on earth right now, or at-least in my heart i was and i never wanted it to end. EVER.


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