I Need Somebody

This is a story about a girl who finds herself falling for the biggest jerk in the school. Her name is Sodona she has friends by the names of Sydney, Jalaya, Diamond, and Kadie. When Sodona was 4 her parents gave her away. Ever since she has wanted nothing to do with them. Sodona lives with her friend (Kadie) in Pennsylvania. While Sodona is falling for the guy he puts him self on the internet singing his name is Justin... Bieber.
Justins POV (point of view)
I'm think I'm falling for this girl in all of my classes , shes the same age as me (18), she has the cutest smile a girl could have. I don't think she likes me so ill just stick to being me.


11. Fight


S;Me and you never spend anytime together

JL; yeah because your always with Justin now

S; im sorry i just love him

JL; well when you get heart broken dont come crying to me 

S; trust me i wont

I couldnt take it so i ran. As i ran away i started crying just crying and i went to her house with her in her car so i had no ride home. As i was running i heard someone close a car door and say

RANDOM;Sodona what are you doing out here its about to rain.

i turned around, it was Justin.


J; Why are you out here


J;get in the car

S; i dont want to go home to deal with Kadie

J; well we are going to my house 

When i got into his car i realized i have never been to his house before, better yet slept there. When I got to his house and he unlocked the door, he said

J; come with me

S; Okay

As i was following him i saw that his house was kept "WELL." We went up stairs to his room and when we walked in he said

J; you'll be sleeping here

S; Okay where will you sleep

J; with you

S; oh okay

I was happy that i got to sleep with him but i didnt want to go to sleep knowing Jalaya was mad at me.



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