L.O.L (One Direction FanFiction)

Of course, my mother has been utterly and annoyingly unreasonable. So what if I smoked. It's not like I was addicted. So what if I partied. A little partying never hurt anybody. But in her eyes, I'm the spawn of Satan himself. My reckless behavior which sprang from nowhere in particular, has been irritating her. Well, my dear mother, to whom of which I love dearly, this behavior has not just come overnight. She's tried everything from boarding school to threatening to send me to jail, she never went through with either. But this time,I seem to have push the only one who actually still believes in me, over the edge. Breaking into a house isn't that bad,trust me, I've done worse. She's finally fed up, completely done with my childlike behavior. And that's why she's sending me half way across the globe to live with my older brother, Liam, hoping he would crack me. I'd much rather choose Jail, believe me I've heard it isn't that bad. eh. Those orange jumpsuits make my skin look blotchy.


1. Characters

Main Cast

Selena Gomez as Charlotte 'Carter' Payne 

Age: 17 (will be 18 in 3 weeks)

Personality: Flirty, Rebellious, Wild, Hard to Get

Struggles and Background Info: - Carter is actually very smart and usually isn't caught in sticky situtations, she is very open with her opinions and is ready to tell anyone off. She keeps herself from thinking too much with all the partying, smoking and meaningless sex. She's never actually been in a real relationship before, leaving her to keep her guard up at all times. She hasn't talked to her brother in over two years, ever since he left for the Up All Night tour and she express her hatred for him in colorful language.

She was teased in school, therefore she secretly suffers from depression and multiple eating disorders.

-All she really wants is some attention, after being ignored for her whole life

(A/N: For the most part, Carter follows Selena Gomez' style and look from Spring Breakers)

Miranda Kerr as Rebecca 'Bex' Jonas

Age: 20

Personality: Quiet & Shy at First, Protective, Smart, Partier, 

Struggles and Background Info: Bex is the suffer in silence type. She usually keeps her inner feelings..well inner, unless you try and hurt one of her friends. She suffers from multiple personality disorder and usually brushes it off as no big deal. Point being: No One knows.  

Bex is very protective over Carter, her being two years older. She sees herself as somewhat as a older sister to Carter, always trying to look out for her at parties. However, she's somewhat jealous of Carter and has always wanted to be her.

Taylor Momsen as Elena Ryans

Age: 19

Struggles and Background: Noone really knows where Elena came from. She's very secretive about her past and usually is very touchy on that subject. She never met her dad and was forced into her older brother's life at the age of ten. 

Elena was a past prostitute and had been raped at a young age, in which she keeps from her friends. She had a miscarriage at the age of 17, resulting in being kicked out of her brother's house a few months later. She's been living with her boyfriend, Blaze ever since.


Ian Someralder as Jason Smith

Kristen Stewart as Holland Smith

(A/N: This is exactly how she looks)

Tyler Posey as Sam McCormic



So everyone, this is the main cast of original characters for this Fic. I really hope you like it! 

Chapter One should be posted in a few days!


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