McKayla lives a very harsh life. Her dad died when she was nine and everybody at school bothers her about being anorexic. Her friend Samantha is the only one that sees the beauty in her. Until one day when a boy named Justin Bieber moved to her school and changed her life forever.


8. The Hospital

We arrived at the hospital and we all jumped out of the cars. We all walked in together and asked where Crystal and Corey Fout were and they told us that we were not aloud to see them yet. We sat in the waiting room and waited for them to say that we were aloud to go back there. We had Ariana with us and she didn't know what was going on yet. The doctors had finally came out and said that we could go back there and see them. So we all went back to their room we all saw Crystal in a coma and Cory was sitting there talking but you couldn't make out what he was saying. Ariana saw them and started bursting into tears. She asked me "What happened to them? Why are they like this?" I finally had to tell her. "Your parents were in a umm, car accident" She started crying even harder which made me cry. Justin was standing behind me. He turned me around and pulled me into a hug. "It's okay. Calm down." He said as he was rubbing my back.

The doctors came in and asked to for my mom. They pulled her outside in front of the hospital room. The doctor told her something but I couldn't make out what it was. Then I knew it was something bad when my mom started crying. My mom came back in the room crying even harder. "Mom what's the matter." Winnter asked. "They don't have much time before they leave us." She said while crying. As soon as we all heard her say that we all broke down in tear beside Justin. My mom was hugging Winnter and Justin was hugging me.

Ariana went over to her parents and held their hands. "If this is the last time I get to talk to you guys I want you both to know that I love you." Ariana said. When she was done she started crying. Then her parents hearts stopped and she cried even harder. I tightened my grip on Justin and cried harder. He was rubbing my back trying to get me to calm down.

We all left the hospital and went home. Justin dropped me off at home and left. I walked into my bedroom and laid there. When I knew that everybody was asleep I went downstairs and got a knife. I held it to my arm and cut myself. Then I went upstairs and fell asleep.



A/N: Sorry I haven't been updating and sorry its really short but at least you guys got two chapters in one day:) Thanks fore reading... I know I don't have many people that are reading this but if you are thanks:) I appreciate it... By Lovies 

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