McKayla lives a very harsh life. Her dad died when she was nine and everybody at school bothers her about being anorexic. Her friend Samantha is the only one that sees the beauty in her. Until one day when a boy named Justin Bieber moved to her school and changed her life forever.


4. The First Text:)

I was sitting on my bed listening to music when I got a text. I didn't know who it who it was at first.

Unknown Number: Hey McKayla guess who it is:)

Me: Umm...The taco man...HAHA...JK:)

Unknown Number: HAHA yeah... But you do know who it really is right??

Me: Yeah it's Justin right?

Unknown Number: Yes it is:)

As soon as I knew for sure that is was him I put his contact in as Justin<3

Me: So what are you doing?

Justin<3: Listening to my favorite song and thinking...:)

Me: What's your fav song?

Justin<3: Idk if you will know it... But it is Climax by Usher:)

Me: No way that's your favorite song too:)

Justin<3: Yeah I take its your favorite song too:)

Me: Yeah I listen to that song all the time

Justin<3: Yeah me too:) So McKayla I was thinking that maybe I could take you out some time:)

Me: Sounds great:) when and where?

Justin<3: Tomorrow night... Where do you wanna go?

Me: How about we go out for some pizza??

Justin<3: Sounds good I will pick you up at 4:00 and we can go get some pizza:)

Me: Ok I will be ready:)

Justin<3: Ok well i have to go... I will see ya tomorrow beautiful:)

I started to blush.

Me: Ok see ya:) can't wait:)




A/N: Sorry I haven't been able to update. I have been busy with softball, tumbling and school. I will try to update when I can:) Thanks for reading:)

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