McKayla lives a very harsh life. Her dad died when she was nine and everybody at school bothers her about being anorexic. Her friend Samantha is the only one that sees the beauty in her. Until one day when a boy named Justin Bieber moved to her school and changed her life forever.


7. From Leah to Samantha to Ariana

When I woke up Justin wasn't in bed. I looked around the room and he was sitting on my computer chair playing my guitar. He saw that I was awake and asked me "Do you play guitar?" "Yeah a little." I said He smiled. "Do you write your own music or do you just do covers?" "I write my own music sometimes." I said. "Come show me something." He said while smiling. I got up to get my song from out from the bottom of my dresser drawer and he handed me my guitar.

I started playing a song I wrote called 'Be Alright' (BTW I didn't actually write it, he did...Obviously). When I finished the song Justin smiled and then clapped. "McKayla that was amazing." "Thanks." I said. "Does anybody else know that you write your own music?" He asked. "No just you and Samantha." "McKayla why don't you show your family?" "What family? No one cares what I do. I could jump off of a bridge and they wouldn't care. The only family member that actually cared was my dad and he's gone now." I felt a tear leave my face. I tried holding back the tears. "I'm sure that's not true." I walked over to my closet and put my guitar away. I looked over at Justin and he was sitting on my bed looking at me. "Look Justin, I would love to show my family, but even if I do nobody will listen to me." I continued. "I have been writing music since I was 13 and every time I try to show my mom she just tells me to leave. I have always wanted to become a famous singer or songwriter."  "So why don't you?" Justin continued. "You have the voice and the talent. So why don't you go after your dream?" :I don't have enough support from people for me to go after my dream. It seems like you and Samantha are the only ones that care anymore." I said. "Don't you have any other family members or friends anywhere else that will support you?"

I remembered my friend Leah. She moved to New York in the 9th to pursue her dream as a photographer. "I do have one friend, but she lives in New York now. I don't have her number and I never get to talk to her since she moved." I said. "Why did she move?" Justin asked. "She moved to New York because she wanted to become a photographer and that was the only way she could do it. I continued. "She was my best friend and then she moved. For awhile I didn't have any friends. Until Samantha moved to my school half way through the 10th grade. Right then and there we became best friends. Ever since then we have been there for each other. Justin smiled. "How long have you and Leah been friends?" Justin asked. "We have been friends since the 2nd grade, but she probably has a new best friend and has probably forgot all about me." I said. "I'm sure she still remembers you." Justin said with a smile. "I hope she still remembers me." I said. Justin smiled and gave me a hug. I rested my head on his shoulder and he kissed the top of my head.

Right after he gave me a kiss on the head my mom walked in. "McKayla you need to get-" She looked up and saw Justin sitting on my bed with my head on his shoulder. "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know that you boyfriend was still here." She said. "That's okay." I said. "So what did you want mom?""Oh I was just going to tell you that you need to get ready." She said "Wait where are we going?" I asked her.. "McKayla this is really hard to say." "Mom what is it?" "We have to go pick up Ariana because both of her parents are in the hospital." "Why are they in the hospital?" I asked with worry. "They were in a car accident and the doctors don't know if they are going to make it." She said. I started crying. "What do you mean they aren't going to make it." "McKayla just please get ready, I will explain everything later."

I did as she said and got ready. While I was getting ready Justin came up behind me and gave me a hug from behind. "Do you want me to come with you?" He asked. "Yes if you don't mind." I said. "I don't mind." He hugged me one last time before we went downstairs. We got downstairs and we started heading out the door. My mom and sister took one car and me and Justin took Justin's car. Justin was holding my hand the whole way there. He was trying to get me to calm down, but it wasn't working. Then we arrived at the hospital.

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