McKayla lives a very harsh life. Her dad died when she was nine and everybody at school bothers her about being anorexic. Her friend Samantha is the only one that sees the beauty in her. Until one day when a boy named Justin Bieber moved to her school and changed her life forever.


11. chapter 11

When I woke up Justin wasn't in bed. He wasn't in my bedroom at all. I walked down stairs and Justin wasn't in the living room. I walked out in the kitchen and Justin was making bacon and eggs. I walked up behind him and hugged him from behind. He jumped a little. "Did I scare you?" "Yea a little." Justin said. I giggled. He turned around and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "You look beautiful in the morning." Justin said. "Your just saying that." "No I mean it." I smiled and I know I started to blush. "Well you need to go get ready for school and then come downstairs and eat." Justin said. "Okay, brb." I said while smiling.

I ran up stairs and put on some skinny jeans, black moccasins and a purple tee that said SWAG on it. I ran downstairs and Justin had my breakfast ready. "Thanks love." I said "Your welcome beautiful." I smiled. When we were finished eating we got our book bags and headed out the door. I had put a sweatshirt over my shirt, so Justin stopped me before we got in the car to see if I had any 'new cuts'. "Lift up your sleeves." Justin commanded. "Fine." I lifted up my sleeves. I didn't have any 'new cuts' but Justin wanted to make sure. Justin grabbed my arm. He smiled and kissed my arm where my cuts were from yesterday. "Thank you McKayla." I smiled. "Well I knew you didn't like to see me in all this pain so I decided to tell you when I am hurt." Justin smiled at me. "Now that's what I like to hear." He said.

We got in the car and he drove me to school. When we got out of the car everybody was starring at me and Justin. Justin put his arm around me. He saw that I was getting uncomfortable because he told me "Hey it's ok don't worry about them." I half smiled. When we walked into school we saw Samantha and we we walked over and sat beside her and waited for first period to start. When the rand I went to my locker. When I shut my locker Justin was standing behind my locker and he scared me. "That's for this morning." He said. I just laughed. "I love your laugh." Justin said. I smiled and blushed a little. "Well we better get to class." He said. "Yeah I'd rather not get in trouble." I said. We walked into science and everybody was still staring at me.

Samantha ran up to me. "What's wrong?" I asked. "You know how everybody keeps staring at you?" "Obviously. So what is it?" "I know why." Samantha pulled me to a corner in the room. "So?" I asked. "Actually it's not that bad." "Well are you going to tell me or not?" "Everybody keeps staring at you because they know about you and Justin and they can't believe that you can actually get a boyfriend and they think it could be a lie." I looked confused for a minute. Samantha continued. "So I was thinking that tonight you and Justin should go to Texas Rhode House. Because you know that every Tuesday the 'popular' kids go there." "Yeah I know but I don't really hang out with that crowd." I said. "I know you don't but then they will know that you and Justin are a thing. Don't you want people to stop making fun of you and saying that nobody loves you?" I nodded. "Fine I guess I will see if Justin wants to go tonight." Samantha smiled.

I walked over to Justin and asked him if he wanted to go to Texas Rhode House tonight. Justin said yes and kissed my forehead. The bell rang for first period to start and we sat down in out seats. I couldn't focus because everybody kept staring at me. As the day went on people stopped staring.

The end of the day came and Justin took me home. We pulled in my drive way and he walked me up to my house. "So are we still on for tonight?" I asked "Yea." I started opening the door but Justin grabbed my arm and I turned around. "What?" I asked. "I love you." Justin said. "I love you too Justin." He pulled me in by the waist, then he looked into my eyes and but his bottom lip while looking at mine. He looked back into my eyes. II had butterflies in my stomach by now. He grabbed my face and slowly leaned in and kissed me. I was ecstatic. He has never kissed me like this passionately before. He pulled away. "McKayla did you hear me?" I was still in shock from the kiss that I didn't hear him. "What?" I asked. "Be ready by 6:00 so we can get to there by 6:30." Justin said. "Okay I will be waiting." I said while smiling.

Justin gave me a kiss goodbye and left.
















A/N: Sorry I havent been updating... I got back from Washington DC a few weeks ago and it has been really hectic at my house so I will try to update as much as possible..... Thanks for reading:) 

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