McKayla lives a very harsh life. Her dad died when she was nine and everybody at school bothers her about being anorexic. Her friend Samantha is the only one that sees the beauty in her. Until one day when a boy named Justin Bieber moved to her school and changed her life forever.


6. Beautiful

The door opened and Justin was standing in the doorway. He just stood there and looked at me. He finally came over to me and picked me up off the ground and set me on the sink counter. He looked me straight in the eye and said "Listen to me McKayla you don't need to do this. You are very pretty." I didn't look at him. He lifted my chin up and looked me straight in the eye. "McKayla promise me something." I didn't answer him. "McKayla promise me that you will stop doing this to your self." I didn't answer him He grabbed my hands and kissed my forehead. "McKayla you are beautiful no matter what."

I finally spoke. "Justin you don't understand all the pain I have been through ever since my dad died and I never get to see my mom any more because she is always working to feed us and keep a roof over our heads." I started to cry and Justin gave me a hug. "Your right McKayla I don't know understand all the pain you are going through, but please stop because no one likes to see you like this." I wiped my tears and looked up at him. "Come on lets just get you up to bed." Justin said.

He carried me up to my my bedroom and layed me down. He gave me a kiss on my forehead and told me to go to sleep. I did as he said. Justin started walking away. I grabbed his arm and he turned around. "Justin will you stay here for the night and cuddle with me?" "If its alright with your mom?" I called my mom as soon as she got on break.

*Phone Call*

Me: Hey mom can my boyfriend stay the night at our house?

Mom: Wait you have a boyfriend? You never told me about this.

Me: I'm sorry mom, I will tell you about it when you get home. So can he stay?

Mom: I guess he can.

Me: Thanks mom

Mom: NO SEX though got it

Me: Yes mom

Mom: Okay have fun love you.

Me: Love you too

*End of Phone Conversation*

"My mom said that you can stay." Justin smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "So you wanna watch a scary movie?" Justin asked. "I don't know. I don't usually watch scary movies." "You will be fine. I will be here so you have nothing to worry about." I smiled and he put in the movie 'The Devil Inside.' Every time something scary would happen I would jump and hide my face in my my hands. Justin wrapped his arm around me. I jumped again but instead of hiding my face in my hands I hid my face in Justin's chest. When the movie was over me and Justin went to sleep. Well I didn't fall asleep right away. I turned around to face Justin and he was fast asleep. He looked so peaceful when he was asleep. Justin woke up and saw that I was still awake. "What's wrong?" Justin asked. "Can't fall asleep." "Are you scared?" I smiled "A little." Justin wrapped his arms around me and held me. He started singing to me and I fell asleep.

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