Daughters Of Death

This is the story of four extraordinary girls. They wasn't the same as the other girls. They were dangerous but beautiful. They had jobs to do as well. They were deaths daughters. What happens when things change for them. Especially a certain daughter?


2. Nice to meet you

Death left the house leaving me a list of people who I had to find. They were lost souls walking the earth. There is three lists. The first list was people that had gone to heaven or hell but I don't keep that any more we keep it in a place where only death lives. I have only ever been there once because I don't like going. Its dark, dull and scary there. He leaves beneath the earth a bit further down from where people are buried. Its dull and around his house is full of skeletons. Odd places are on fire. The house looks like its been burnt black along with the trees. This is bellow the ground? Death, my sisters and myself can only get there because its so low down. Not even the spirits can get down there. He made that possible because before the dead  used to go down and rummage through the house to find out how to get back on earth but also being alive. Then there is the dead list. Every day when someone dies here it comes up on the list. Its a pretty big city so me, Brianna,Maria and Amelia get about ten people on our lists a day. The last list is only for me and Amelia. Its the lost souls. They are ghosts that horror stories are based on. They aren't evil or anything sometimes they can be a bit noisy, upset or sometimes they try tell you things. Sadly it scares people so me and Amelia go and talk to them. Calm them down then we talk to them. We talk to them and try to convince them to go to heaven. We don't really get many people that go to hell but if we do get someone like that then the demons and the devil take care of that. Me and Amelia are less scary and happier than the others so we pretty much just be extremely sweet with these. Sometimes if someone has just died the walk round where they die for about twenty-four hours then if they haven't left we show them how to leave. 

I took a look at the list and grabbed my long black cloak. I put the massive hood up and took the list in my small, pale and cold hands.I was going to visit a little girl at the age of six that was lost and didn't know how to go to heaven. Her name was Angel Berry. I saw the black swirly around me. It took me into  pure darkness. Slowly the darkness disappeared leaving the scene of a little girl watching her family cry. She was trying to shout to them but they couldn't hear her. She screamed 

"Momma, Daddy I am still here don't cry!"

The sadness flooded my body. I felt guilty that I had to take this little girl and send her to heaven. I walked over to her and I then put my hand on her shoulder. She saw me then screamed for help. I lowered my hood then smiled at her sweetly. She was taking deep breaths trying to calm her self down. I whispered to her 

"Sweetheart I know your scared of death but there's nothing to be afraid of. I wish I could give you another chance but to them you are dead. I am going to help you go to heaven where you will be happy. One day your family will be happy but also one day they will be with you in heaven too."

She looked back at the scene of her family crying. Tears filled her big grey eyes. She then sobbed out

"But I don't want to leave them I love them."

I crouched down to her level then said with as much sweetness in my voice as possible

"They love you too but you really need to go. You don't want to be wondering round earth all alone do you? No one can see you sweetheart and unless you go to heaven no one will see you again."

The tears rolled down her cheeks, she then sniffed and whispered

"Ok I am ready to go. Let me just see them up close one more time." 

I just nodded. She walked up to them slowly. She looked at them then cried out

"I love you guys. I hope you don't forget me."

She walked away wiping her tears away. She whispered quietly 

"I am ready to go."

I took her hand then after that a bright light shot down from the sky. Stood there was too angels. I smirked

"Hey Jace, Sapphire."

Jace smiled while waving. Sapphire rolled her eyes then smiled

"Who this cutie pie?"

I laughed at her change of mood. I said while still laughing slightly 

"Her names Angel Berry. Take good care of her please?" 

They nodded. I let Angel walk to Jace and Sapphire then she took their hands. They all waved to me with a smile on their faces the Jace and Sapphire lead her into the the while light. They soon disappeared. I looked back and Angels family crying. I let the black smoke whirl around me again until I couldn't see. I found my self outside the family's house. My clock had gone and I was left in knee length dark blood red dress.It was fitted tight to my small body with a ribbon was tied round my tiny waist creating a bow at the front. I saw a young boy that was my age. He slammed the door running down the steps to the road with tears streaming down his face. He ran into me and we both fell to the ground. We both mumbled our sorry's. He stood up quickly, brushed the dirt of his trousers then held his hand out to help me up. I took it and he helped me up. He wiped the tears from his eyes. I asked quietly

"Are you ok?"

He shook his head and muttered

"No. Sorry I knocked you over. I am Thomas but you can call me Tom. Who are you?"

I gave him a small smile and said a bit louder  

"Its fine I shouldn't have been stood in the way. Nice to meet you Tom I am Rosalinda I've never shortened my name before my family is pretty posh."

Tom thought for a second his black hair that had a emo or scene look fell into his eyes. He ran his fingers through his hair so it went back to normal. He then said with a small smile 

"Think I'll just call you Rose or Rosa. So Rose would you like to go for a walk?"

I nodded and we started to walk side by side. We got to know each other more. It turns out we go to the same school. He was also friends with Amelia and they are in the same class and year. I explained to him I was like the baby off the family and my dads never home and my mum died when I was younger. I couldn't tell him the truth and that is the closest to the truth. After a while I whispered

"How come you was crying?"

He looked shocked then he was trying to hold back the tears as he whispers

"My baby sister died yesterday. I loved her so much and I still do but my mum and dad was talking about her funeral and they want things I know she wouldn't want and I got in a fight with them so I ran off." 

I stopped him and gave him a hug. After a few seconds he hugged me back. I whispered to him. 

"I am always here for you even though you have just met me. We should be getting home put give me your phone first."

He handed me his phone and I put my number in. I whispered

" My numbers in you phone text me in a bit please?"

He nodded then I ran off him looking at me. I got home to find everyone sat at the table. Death said in a loud voice

"Where have you been? We was worried because the last person on your list was gone but you still wasn't back?"

I muttered 

"I was with a boy ok. Stop treating me like a baby all the time I'm that much younger than you guys."

I walked off to my room leaving them all in silence. 

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