in the sky chapter 4 (3)

Blurb: chapter 4 for branching competion


1. chapter 4

When Izalla fainted   she heard a weird message.

She was at the train station right where she had fainted moments before but this time it was different. When she stood up, she felt the place spinning. She looked up and saw she was upside down. She fell back right side down.

“Agggh,” she said as she fell,” Where am I? Why is this place so scary?”

This weird walking ant with a cane walked up to her.

“This is a dream. You have fainted. Now I have been sent by the guardian of the sky to talk to you. To tell you something,” said the ant.

“What are you here to tell me and tell me who the guardian of the sky is?” she asked.

“I was told not to say who he is just to give you the message. If you are ever to meet him, which might be soon, listen to what he says,” the ant said as he drifted of through the spinning red door.

Izalla wondered what this dream was about and she found the red door. She walked to the door and went through it and she work up suddenly. She looked around her and could see she wasn’t in the train station any more but in the sky up in the clouds.

The place felt spinning to her though that was because she had fainted earlier. She saw a strange looking person. Well not really a person more a giant beatle.

“Ha. You must be Izalla. I am the guardian of the sky’s servant. Please come with me to see him,” said the giant beetle.

He took her to a weird room where the guardian was and the king was a… butterfly.

“Ahh Izalla you have come to see me. I need your help,” he said.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because your are the queen of the sky so you are more powerful than me,” he said, “Any way please accept this challenge to… kill the beetle of the sky because it is evil.”

“I never knew that but killing it shouldn’t be hard so I accept,” I said.

Then she found out her tough mission.

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