Something's missing....

Hey I am April Lee Ray but most people call me from my middle name Lee. I am eighteen. Believe it or not I use to be best friends with Harry Styles the boy who works successfully in a boy band called one direction. Key word: use to. We are no longer best friends things changed. Something's missing


15. Chapter 8

Lee's pov 


"Har-", he cut me off,"look Lee I really need to talk to", "Harry I don't want to talk to you, there is seriously nothing to talk about",I yelled at him, I couldn't help but tears started to drop down my pale cheek."I know your mad, but please-", I cut him off "mad, mad, I have been waiting for a call, or just one text from you, you left me hanging, didn't I mean anything to you, you left me on my hardest days",people started to watch us , everyone started to gather around us, paps starting taking snaps of us, Harry stood there frozen, he seemed like he couldn't get his words."Lee-", "Haz just don't", I ran off leaving him  behind, I felt good about it I took all my hatred out , when I reached home I was breathless.


Harrys pov


I just stood there, feeling angry, paps (paparazzi) started asking me questions."Harry styles, is that your ex, or your current girlfriend?", one of the reporters asked, "who is she !?", the other reporters asked, I just stood there looking around, *beep *beep* I looked behind finding Gemma calling me,"Harry hop in", she shouted, I ran over to the car and went in the passenger seat. " what is that Haz ", "paparazzi", I simply said, "I know,.. , why did you come back to the cafe?", "i thought, I left something behind!", "something or someone?", she asked, I just kept quite. 


~next morning 

my usual runtime. Wash my face brush my teeth,make my bed and wear some clothes, go to work, when I was just going out of my house ,I got a message from Jay. 

from jay

you never told me you had a boyfriend!!! 


I was confused, boy friend!! I was single! .

i simply replied.

To jay

I don't know who ,or what made you think that, I am simply single ! 


I did not get a reply back. I took a step outside looking at my phone, still confused, when I looked up a bunch of reporters and paps were standing out there standing like tress,. 

When they saw me they rushed towards me. "Is Harry styles your boyfriend ?" , one of them asked, then another asked,"did you meet Harry styles ", I looked at them. "Ermm, I don't ...I do ... What ?!", I simply spat out. , I started tuning away , I started running towards the cafe, they were all following me , shouting out questions, one thing stuck my mind 'how did they know where I lived ?', when I finally reached the cafe I went inside, finding another bunch of company with furious faces. 

"Lee...", Fran started, "what the hell is going on...?! " . I couldn't get my words out, "I don't .. Well I do know , but I don't .. No ..well.", "Lee !", Fran bit back , " I don't know okay !", I shouted back, "I seriously don't know", I ran outside pushing through reporters and paps and fans, I ran to my house locked the doors and went up to my room, my mum was away at a pub , or some place sort so she was not home, I lied in my bed crying. 

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