Something's missing....

Hey I am April Lee Ray but most people call me from my middle name Lee. I am eighteen. Believe it or not I use to be best friends with Harry Styles the boy who works successfully in a boy band called one direction. Key word: use to. We are no longer best friends things changed. Something's missing


13. Chapter 7

Harry's poV


What was she on about?Girlfriend? Last time I checked I was single. I was mad at my self! I was making everything worse. What happened to, keeping Lee safe, I don't know what came over me ! Jealousy I guess, I admit I want her to have a perfect life and live happy, but me not in that life with her just don't feel right. Gems was still in the bathroom, I got text from Lou.

From:Boo bear 

Hey, Hazza wuu2 you Neva called I am GOING TO HAVE PAYBACK!! 

To: Boo bear 

Everything is okay! I am sorry I have been busy with Gems!!! LOL ..Nooo please don't do anything to me !! 

From Boo bear

Okay okay calm your 4 nipples  have fun !! I've G2G !!! Call me (; 

Gemma came from the bathroom, "who you texting." ,"Louis", I missed him already! I quickly texted back Lou! 

To Boo bear 

!Yup I will ! I promise ! You have fun too, but not too much fun ! (; 


I had a grin on my face, some way Lou always ended up brightening up my mood! "So, you still going to lie to me about not knowing that waitress of yours or your going to start telling me the truth?!" , Gemma cut off my thoughts, "I don't know what you're talking about", I tried denying."Harry, Edward, Styles, I have known you all my life obviously because I am your sister, I know when you are not telling the truth, but fine if you don't want to talk about it I.. I .. Am not going to force you", for some unknown reason I had a stupid grin on my face,"Gems, I missed the way you use my full name ", "ugh Harry, don't change the subject !", guess I was going too far !"fine!", we both chuckled. "So did you order?", "yeah,!", "speaking of food", I looked up finding another waitress, it was not Lee, but she was beautiful!"Here is your-omg, omg your Har-","yeah his Harry styles", Gemma finishing her sentence for her! "And your, Gem,Gemm-", I cut her off this time."Gemma styles, yeah you are right" me and Gemma started laughing our heads off, the girl looked confused. "Can I get an autograph, I don't know why our new waitress wanted me to wait this table!", " yeah sure ", I signed her shirt, after a while me and Gems finished our food and we was ready to go. I took Gemma home, "mom I am leaving,bye ", "oh Hun where are you going, you just arrived?", " I have to go ill be back in five minutes !", I shouted back. 

I went back to the cafe i waited for her shift to end I  was waiting outside the cafe pacing my self!i just had to see Lee again, I guess I needed her, but I still want her to be safe, but I guess ...something's missing ! She is the one that is missing ! 

Lees poV


Guess my shift ended really well, I did not need to deal with Har, Har- , I guess I don't even want to say his name anymore! I had a text, it was from Jay.

From Jay 

Hey want to hang around sometime?x 

My heart skipped a beat, I never went in a serious relationship before, guess he could be the one, but I don't want to act too fast we just met, maybe just as friends! 

To Jay 

yeah sure I'd love that x (; 

After I got a text back from saying he would give me the details tomorrow I just gave him a wink face! 

"I am going see you you tomorrow Lucy ", "bye ", she shouted back. 

I walked outside and bumped into someone, I looked up finding him again ! " Har-" . 

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