Something's missing....

Hey I am April Lee Ray but most people call me from my middle name Lee. I am eighteen. Believe it or not I use to be best friends with Harry Styles the boy who works successfully in a boy band called one direction. Key word: use to. We are no longer best friends things changed. Something's missing


10. Chapter 5

Lee's pov 


*alarm * I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock, right on time , I washed my face and wore  my superman shirt with some shorts I wore my trainers, I made some cereal I ate it. "Mum, I am going", "where you going ?!", I was confused since when does my mum want to know where I am going."I am going work!",I yelled back."bye, I'm going out too, ", I unlocked the door and ran to work. 

I turned the corner and entered the little cafe."hey you must be Lee", I nodded ,"I am summer, I am your boss, your going to be working with Lucy there " she points a to a girl with blonde hair with pink highlights. "Okay thanks", I only managed to say. I walked over to Lucy."Hey, I am Lucy and you are..."she trailed off."Lee" , "well nice to meet you Lee, your going to be working as a waitress, I work on tables 4,5,6 and you work at 1,2and 3 ", she said held out a apron. I took the apron out of her "nice to meet you too, so what times does it get busy around here?", "around 8 to 11 ", I smiled back."okay let's get to work then", she said.


Harry's pov 


I wore my shirt and jeans, I wore my green beanie, washed my face, brushed my teeth, "Gems you ready yet?","yeah ready", I decided to have a little walk to the cafe instead of driving. "Okay let's get going, mom we are going bye", "okay have fun", she called out of the kitchen. 

5 minutes later~

we both turned the corner and arrived at the little cafe. 

We found an empty spot at table and we both sat.It was a good thing that we did not come in busy times because there was only few people and they don't even look like they recognised me. 



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