Something's missing....

Hey I am April Lee Ray but most people call me from my middle name Lee. I am eighteen. Believe it or not I use to be best friends with Harry Styles the boy who works successfully in a boy band called one direction. Key word: use to. We are no longer best friends things changed. Something's missing


8. Chapter 3

Lee's pov

"oh my god are you okay ?!", Fran just bursts in because I usually leave my door unlocked, "ermm , I guess", but I couldn't help my self crying tears started forming, I couldn't help my self, I just needed to let  it all out."Awhh Lee you don't seem fine", she comes over and hugs me."I got a little scared that's all", "Lee stop lying to me ", I don't know how,but at the end she always knows i am lying."No I am not!", I try arguing back."umm yeah you are every time you try to lie you always keep pacing or you look else where", I hate my weak spots, she knows everything except Harry! "Fine, I am upset because my mum came late and she was drunk again", hopefully that sounded believable." That's not the truth, but I am not going to push you", I smiled, I went in for a hug.


heyyy I am sorry for the short update!! I promise ill update 2 more long chapters ! Like please fave and please comment !!! 


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