Something's missing....

Hey I am April Lee Ray but most people call me from my middle name Lee. I am eighteen. Believe it or not I use to be best friends with Harry Styles the boy who works successfully in a boy band called one direction. Key word: use to. We are no longer best friends things changed. Something's missing


7. Chapter 2

Harry's pov 

I got out of the car, I was going to ask if she was okay but then."Harry!?", I rolled my eyes, I knew it was just a fan, I went nearer to her, but then I just recognised her. Her brown eyes swirling with fear. "Lee!?", we stood like that for a few seconds then I broke  the awkward science."Ermm, are you hurt?",she did not answer back she just stood up, and started running again. I stared at her, I knew she was hurt, but seeing her like that made me feel worse, tears filled the comer of my eyes, I quickly wiped my tears because a bunch of fans were running towards me. "Harry, can I have a autograph please?", here we go again.  

Lee's pov 

Why did I just run, I could of argued with him and say everything I felt towards him all my hatred and anger. I turned to have a little glimpse of him but it was crowded. I could not see him in sight anymore. I heard a my ringtone for my messages. 

From Bestie 

Lee,where are you I called your boss and she said,she don't know where  you are.

I am worried about you Lee 

where are you? Xox 

To Bestie

I nearly got run over ! I don't think I'll start work today I am tired because of the incident.

come over mine 

xox I need girl time x 



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