Something's missing....

Hey I am April Lee Ray but most people call me from my middle name Lee. I am eighteen. Believe it or not I use to be best friends with Harry Styles the boy who works successfully in a boy band called one direction. Key word: use to. We are no longer best friends things changed. Something's missing


3. Backstory (Harry)

The day I met Lee, I knew we were meant to be, her big,chocolate eyes are so perfect, her wavy hair just flows the right and yes the smile,I'd die to see that smile again.

I always had a thing for her,she might have a tough life but her,her self is perfection, she was a dream that any guy could have. I bet Dan ,her bully wanted her, but all he did was hurt her instead, until I stopped him.

But since I became famous, I had to leave her behind, I did not want my fame to change her or even crush her because my fans might send death threats to her, so I had to get her out if my life, but is hard, she is always in my mind.

The boys managed to keep my mind off her for a while but is like her name is written in my heart.

I miss her,I miss every littles detail about her.

There is a hole in my heart.

Something's missing...

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