stay by me

Katy who is 17 has been afraid to love ever since her ex cheated on her , no one knows what has happens in her past with her abusive parents , see what will happen when the one strolled by will he be able to deal with her many issues ( anger and her past ) this is a harry styles fanfic


2. that day it all started

my dad was passed out on the sofa he was a lovey farther when he was sober but soon as he got the whisky out he changed he wasnt the man i ust to know , before my mum died he diddnt even like whisky he dosnt even like it now but he says ' it takes away the pain ' i diddnt understand why does he have to  take it out on my and why just me im not saying i want my sister to get beating i just .. i dont know i just wish it diddnt happen at all ,  i have a diary i write in when ever he beats me nd i write what happend thats of course if im conciouse at the time , somtimes my dad does appoligies but thats when he is sober when is drunk he just laughs there like a mad man porud of what he doing to his daughter his own daughter .

" well im off to school " i said to mia , " you diddnt answer my quiestion ?"  i rolled my eyes at her " i dont even know the answer my self , talk later bubba bye " i walked out the door " katy here now " shit my dad i always have to say bye to him or i get a beating , shit ,shit what do i do ? i chuck off my toms " er daddy i was just getting my shoes and then i was coming to say goodbye " i wealky smiled at him , " oh okay hunny " he said , he wasnt drunk did my dad want to scare me when he was sober " ok well i love you daddy " i smiled at him , he had this big grin on his face , he was drunk , fuck! " you got that right slut i know all about jake and that girl " he smiled evily at me " oh well daddy im not really borthed i knew somthing like this would happen " i fake smilled " oh okay ,have a horrible day at school , oh and try not to get in peoples way , your a wast of space " ouch that one stung " goodbye daddy " " bye pumpkin " i dont know what is with him



** school **


everyone was staring at me and giggling and whispering to their friends , i rolled my eyes and sat down , english first with mr veril , he was an okay teacher but he was so boring " hello katy " he said to me " you aright sir?"

" yeah , ive heard alot of rumours about you round the school ? would you mind coming to my class at break if you wanna talk about it ?" he asked so poilety " er sure what eves " why did he have stick his nose in my buisness

class started , i just remberd im in a pair with jake , oh fuck sake can his day get any worse ? jake smiled at me ? what is he playing at ? " why are you smiling at me ? "

" coz i just thought of somthing even though you havnt made shit about me im gonna make your life hell and if your woundering somthing else im most likly the best sex you ever had and will have well exsept now im dating shelby so you know she will get all this ?!" he said sarcastilcy rubbing his body , i just laughed in his face " oh bitch please " i left the classroom god i hate jake that dick!i walked to the girls toliets

my best friend would know where to find me if i wasnt in class , she walked in the 100 block toliets " katy?" sam said " yeah ?" i replied " what happend ? " " what do you mean " i replied  " in english you just walked out saying bitch please ?!"

" oh right well i dont wanna talk about it "

** lunch time **

fuck where am i gonna sit ? i look around and walk to my friend ( now ex the way she acted ) i went to sit but she put her bag there " taken this bag is worth more then you !" they all laughed " say that to your fake instentions bitch "  i snapped back

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