stay by me

Katy who is 17 has been afraid to love ever since her ex cheated on her , no one knows what has happens in her past with her abusive parents , see what will happen when the one strolled by will he be able to deal with her many issues ( anger and her past ) this is a harry styles fanfic


4. spending more time with him

its been about 2 hours now " shit harry i have to go my dads he uh , .. he .. he .. will .. NO!" i shout as i throw my cup smashing it against the wall , i was making a scean and i diddnt care " mia.." i whisper , if im not there he will hurt her " harry , he will hurt mia.." i said tears rolling down my cheecks " no he wont , .. what time does your dad get home ?" he said while looking at his watch " normally half six? " i sia dstill shaking " come one , weve got an hour were going to pack yours and mias things and your gonna live with me " he said with out hessatation " harry we cant my dad will soon find us and he will get more mad then ever ?!" i said refusing his hand " katy do this for me ? please .." he says whilst looking in my eyes , i nod not knowing what i was doing his green eyes were just to die for , we ran to my house we had about 20 minuiets " katy what are you doing packing your things??2 mia asked sleeply " we need to get out of here and now , quick come on " i say running to my room making sure i had all my clothes and stuff i needed " done " mia said popping her head threw my door " but where will we stay katy ?" she asked woridly , " at harrys " i say pointing to the curly boy at the end of my bed " thank you !!" she says running up to him and hugging him !! " mia , off now we havnt got time " 

#harrys house~ 


" thank you soo much for this harry " i say smiling and hugging in , he tightens his grip i wince " ow " i say from where he was hurting my bruises all over my back " turn " he says " what no .." i look at him scared , i know he wont hurt me but i cant trust any one ever again ..

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