stay by me

Katy who is 17 has been afraid to love ever since her ex cheated on her , no one knows what has happens in her past with her abusive parents , see what will happen when the one strolled by will he be able to deal with her many issues ( anger and her past ) this is a harry styles fanfic


1. no one knew

hi im katy , im the girl who sits at the back of the class never raises her hand and when someone tries to talk to me i can say is the weirdest things a non person can say , im not normal i used  to be really popular intill my dad always came home drunk calling me a slut because of my bad boy boyfriend , at first i would ignore him but his insults got worse and soon turned to beatings and well those beatings would sometimes end up with my in a hospital bed , all i wanted was to feel loved , i gave every thing to my bad boy boyfriend jake and then i found out that he had been cheating on me , it was the worst feeling in the world , so i have a broken heart  , an abusive dad  what else could go wrong in my life ?

** morning before school **


" aurgg " i whisperd to my self " lets hope no one knows about what happend with jake last night !" the piture of him kissing that girl in my head " MIA " is shouted at my sister " Whatt!!" she barked from down stairs " do mind making my toast while i  get ready ?!" i asked nicely , she hesitated " ok.." she said quiet faint i hardly heard it " thanks bubba !!"  i got out of and started to get in the shower . my phone was blowing up with messages i read the first and i couldnt read the rest , the first one wrote ' i knew jake diddnt deserve you slut , he may of cheated but mate you deserved everything that has happend to you die in a hole bitch '

the secound one wrote ' listen if you make up shit about me i will make your life hell , got it ? ,jake '

how dare he , tears threating to leave my eyes but i made sure they stayed well kept , i got out of the shwoer and went down  to eat " thanks mia lovely toast " i smiled at her . " so katy theres rumors going round saying your a slut and jake cheated on you but you deserved it because you flirted with any one you laid eyes on , care to explain ?" she looked at me with pity in her eyes , dad never ust to beat her it was just me but while i got beat i was still popular and from this day everything changed

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