stay by me

Katy who is 17 has been afraid to love ever since her ex cheated on her , no one knows what has happens in her past with her abusive parents , see what will happen when the one strolled by will he be able to deal with her many issues ( anger and her past ) this is a harry styles fanfic


3. can the day get any worse?

My ex friend stood up " what did you say , slut ?" she snapped at me . " you heard me you hoe ?!"  i sternly said standing my ground .

Just then she lashed out at me " why dont we mess that pretty little face of yours ?" she yelled at me , her boyfriend ( i think ) grabed her before she reached me " this isnt over bitch!" she yelled trying to get out of toms grip

" what ever " i said whilst walking away with a smirk on my lips , sophie looked at me and smiled

" omg what was her problem ?" sophie asked me

" i dont know , but whos this ?" i asked about the boy nexted to her , he was sort of cute , he had blonde hair with brown ruiets and  crystle blue eyes , that were so dreamy , " katy !! " sophie said snapping her thingers in my face " right .. i-i-m-m back " i never stutter but the boy was so dreamy he wasnt really my type though " well this is niall , me and him a dating " sophie told me , when i heard they were dating i had to get him out of my head like that ,  he can only be a friend boy best friend , i smiled at this , then niall spoke " niall horan " he smiled at me he had an irish accent im a sucker for those , katy your standing there look a lost puppy saw somthing !!  " katy jones " i said trying to get him out of my head she is your bfflwe ( best friend for life without exeption )

" well its nice to meet you katy " he spoke with a smile , " and you " you smiled back " erm my mates should be coming along soon ?" he smiled at me and sam " er .. what mates ??" i asked hoping it wasnt anyone i knew

" oh just my friends who are new to , theres zayn the bradford badboy and theres louis who is the joker theres liam he is like really mature so we call him the daddy and then theres harry he's a flirt he will proberbly fancy you " he said running out of breath and you blushed at him when he said harry might fancy you , " well im going to pop to the loo brb2 you winked at sam , you checked your appreance and then walked back to the table there was now 4 extras , and a curly guy was sitting in your seat " erm , ... thats my seat " you fake smiled at him but at the same time bitchy , " oh sorry lo.." he stared at you in the eyes , he diddnt take his off yours his green orbs looking you up and down , you blushed and sat down you moved up a bit and let the curly boy sit on the same chair as you " thanks " he whisperd " no problem babe " you whisperd back , babe really katy ...

all the popular boys were waving at you to go over to them " exsuse me while i sort somthing out " you half yel and half whisperd , and stomed over the the popular boys table , i fake smiled , i do that alot " yes can i help you cupcakes"you say confenditly . cup cakes what is with you and nick names today you say to your self " oh i was just woundering why you over there with the nerds , " he said meanly you looked over where he was pointing and curly boy hadnt taken his eyes off you " you know what fuck yourself there my mates ?" you said angrily you stormedback to yor table grabed your bags and left for the field with out looking back , i cant help my anger issues " hey wait !!" i heard somone yell did they not know me if i just had an anger  moment they shouldnt come near me , i ran to my faviourit tree and sat under neath it " wait " the curly hair boy said out of breath " whats wrong ?" he said his breathing coming back to normal " what ?" i asked confused " oh right your new here i have anger problems " you weakly smiled at him " oh right .. " he diddnt care he came closer " i wouldn't iv known to hurt people " i said backing away , why havnt i ever let my anger out on my dad he just makes me so angry , i flip and start punching the tree " woah woah stop your going to hurt your self " curyl said to me , i was suddenly calm in his grasp no one has ever calmed me down before ? " whats your name ?" i asked " harry , you?" he answered my question , niall said that's the one that may fancy me " katy " i smiled at him , he smiled back , he was pulling his face closer to mine " what are you doing ?!" i yelled getting out of his grasp , i ran and ran i had no feeling to stop intill got where i wanted to , the boxing ring to let out my anger , the school had let me go there when i get to angry , like now , i walked him put my stuff down and put on my gloves and started to punch the bag , i gave all my anger " why are you so angry today katy?" my coach asked he wasnt scared of me " everything , my life ,my dad !" he was the only one who knew about my dad " why what did your dad do?" i looked at my coach then saw harry in his eyes , " lets take a break?" i asked coach" sure , shout for me if you need me " he whisperd , i winked at him " erm , katy would you like to go startbucks so we can get to know each other more ?" he asked me shly , i would have thought he was the ladys man why was he shy?  " okay " i smiled at him i grabed my stuff and i held harrys hand i felt like ive known him forever and all he has said to me is like hi and stuff like that?

~starbucks ~

" sorry , harry tell me about your self ?"

" well .." he started , i grabed his hand and gave him a smile " you can tell me any thing?"

he nodded " okay well i grew up in chesuir in england , and i lived with my mum and dad but my dad .. he ...uh .umm . i dont know how to say this he .. um .. eurgg come on harry ( he whsiperd that to him self ) he beated me when i was like 13 to 16 and thats when i came more tough so i sort of scared my dad and he stoped and he left my mum to fend for her self , she lives near me now as well , so when i was 18 i moved here with my mum and yeah i havnt heard from my dad in year and then i decided i needed to go to college so here i am now and now im in starbucks with the most amazing girl ever and ive only known her for like 3 hours " he weakly smiled at me , a tear fell from my eye and rolled down my cheeck " hey ..hey " he said rubbing the tear away with his thumb " now its your turn " he smiled at me with lust in his eyes , he had to be the one ? " welll .. so i grewup around here i live with my dad , who is 43 and a .. a .. ac-ach--acholic ... and well i guess when he gets really drunk he beats me up ... and my mum died when i was11 from a car crash , so when i was 12 thats when my dad started to beat me , he leaves my younger sister alone though , shes 16 her name is mia ..." i had told him nearly my whole story , i felt like i had a new friend , we sat there for hours just telling stuff about each other


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