Victoria Roux works for SS10, and leads a normal spy life. Just one thing. She can see the future, an ability that nobody else has. Until she bumps into a man. Can she trust him with her secrets? And can she rely on him in her time of need?


4. The Mobile Number

I found out that his name was Adam Jones. That was all I was going to find about him.

0794 54381.

That was the number I had sent a text to earlier and hadn’t had a reply back yet.

0794 54381.

His NUMBER! The very thought of it made me heart speed, I was afraid that I would get a speeding ticket!

“Vic! You need your sleep! Don’t you realise that it’s midnight?” Chris came bursting in to my room. I still stared at my hands, wishing I could be with Adam right now. Chris looked like he was going to blow a fuse.

“Vic... I’m warning you…”Chris faded out and I couldn’t believe where I was. Café Noir, the most expensive restaurant in the whole of town. In the far corner of the restaurant was Adam, on a two seat table. One seat was empty. Oh no… Did he already have a girl friend? Did he want two girls to show and make a fool out of themselves?

“Vicky! Over here!” I had never seen eyes like that go when the see someone they love. That’s crazy. But no, there I was, walking in with a black little dress on, white high heels, black clutch bag and a white leather jacket on.

I was on a date.

I felt dizzy again and came back into my own room with Chris, shaking with rage.

“Right, that’s it!” he roared and pulled me out of bed and shook me until I could hear my teeth chatter.

“Chris! Stop it! You’re hurting me!” I yelled at him his eyes were wild and he was shaking like he was on vibrate. Then he runs out the room after muttering sorry. I feel sorry for yelling at him but then, he should have thought about shaking me to death.

My phone beeped and I flew over to it, hoping it was a text or a call from Adam. But it wasn’t. The dismay of not have a text from him makes me annoyed as I read a text from SS10. The salon had been broken into, but there was no damage, just some boys breaking in but they wanted all agents who work there to come immediately. I sighed and flipped the phone shut, looking forward to my upgrade. The updated iSS10 10 (yes, it was a massive joke when they announced it) was the best phone ever made, it has some things are there literally out of this world.  

On the way down, I nipped in the kitchen to grab some caffeine shot drink and then I saw it. A ¼ empty whiskey bottle with some glasses by its side was on the table.

Chris was drunk. My phone beeps again, but I ignored it. I was too paralyzed with horror to see who it was.

I ran out the house and make a mental reminder to myself to get rid of the whiskey. I shuddered. Things were not going the way I hoped they were.

Blue lights were on when I got to the salon. But I didn’t care. What had happened to Chris? 

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