Victoria Roux works for SS10, and leads a normal spy life. Just one thing. She can see the future, an ability that nobody else has. Until she bumps into a man. Can she trust him with her secrets? And can she rely on him in her time of need?


12. The King of Criminals

I was handcuffed to the chair, while I waited for the little sly rat to show his ghastly face. Then, the doors slid open and all the guards stood to attention. 

“Ah, Victoria. Finally I have the pleasure of meeting you,” a voice from the darkness came about. I spat in the direction of the voice. I wanted to make my feelings very clear towards him.  He chuckled. I suddenly felt very small and vulnerable. He stepped out into the light. We never knew his name, but then, I don’t think anybody did.

“So, tell me. What is the code access for the SS10 database?” the question had a double meaning to it. It must have had. I knew the access code and I knew it changed very minute. But surely he knew that.

“Simple. Look at the wall,” I said, deciding to play a little game of my own. There was a clock, a precise clock. And that was all he needed. The man narrowed his eyes. He looked at the walls and saw nothing.

He clicked his fingers. The cue was simple.

Another guard stepped forwards and slapped me. It stung, but nothing compared to what I have seen. I chuckled. He growled. Then, he advanced.

“What is the code?” he whispered menacingly.

“Look at your wrist,” I replied. I looked for a reaction. He still didn’t get it. He sneered. A guard pressed a button and the door opened. I closed my eyes, and hoped that my dad wasn’t going to come through the door. I opened my eyes. It wasn’t my dad, but my mum and another agent, who I didn’t know. But the person between them delivered the final blow.


I stared at him, the word ‘no’ formed at my lips but it never came. I was gobsmacked.

I saw him smile. “So, Vic,” (I flinched when he said that) “Are you going to tell me what the code is?”

All I did was ask for the time. That is all I did. But it seemed to have a big impact on him. I turned to look at Adam. He lifted his head and smiled at me. I apologised in my head and he shook his. I felt really bad, and then I saw. My mother had taken out a whip, and was mentioning for the other agent to almost hang Adam up to whip him.

“Don’t tell them anything Vicky, don’t tell them,” Adam said to me. His father growled and Adam flinched. No doubt he was reading his dad’s mind. I closed my eyes and waited for the sound of the whip.

It came, again and again. And, when it did, I still couldn’t open my eyes. But I looked into my mind, and saw Adam being dragged away, back bloody and just about conscious. I opened my eyes into the cold, hard ones that received my stare.

My head was twisted to the side and I saw Adam. Just like the vision, he had a bloody back and was semi-conscious. I saw his face screwed up in pain and he was curled up in a tight ball, like he was ready to protect himself against any kicks on the floor.

I looked at him, and then turned my head towards his dad. Then I looked at my mum. I wanted to yell at her, like any girl would, but I bit my lip. I didn’t want to cost Adam any more than I had done.

“Take him away,” the head said, and Adam was dragged away. I turned back to the head and stared at his face. There was so much of Adam in there, it was almost impossible that he was his dad. I realised that Adam could have turned into his dad, quite easily, but only if he had been brain washed.

“Take her way too,” he spat at me. And my last glimpse of him was of a man I could have never forgiven.


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