Victoria Roux works for SS10, and leads a normal spy life. Just one thing. She can see the future, an ability that nobody else has. Until she bumps into a man. Can she trust him with her secrets? And can she rely on him in her time of need?


9. Secrets unveiled

The buzzing of my alarm clock lifts the blanket of sleep off my head as a new day starts. I turned the alarm off and stare at the ceiling, thoughts echoing through my mind.  I dazed at the future of my mother, but it only reached a certain point, when she came for me. I looked at dad’s future, which too, only reached a certain point. I feel confused at this. I looked at my future, nothing. I rarely looked at my future; I liked to be uncertain of what the day ahead brought. By sometimes, it just took over. My phone vibrated; I still hadn’t found a suitable ring tone for it yet. It was Adam, inviting me for dinner tonight at Café Noir! My vision!

I ran downstairs and saw the telly on. The news was on so I stopped a minute and saw the headlines. Scotland Yard had been broken into! And there was only one piece of evidence left behind. In the only hand writing I had been studying since yesterday, one word, “Sorry”. He had broken into Scotland Yard and taken all the criminal records off, so Scotland Yard wouldn’t be able to access any. Why?

“But luckily, SS10 are on the case,” the reporter finished off. I stood there. Oh great, I thought, time for the salon to be closed today.

When I got there, turns out that the salon was not closed today, it is that we had a slight, nerve wrecking costumer on our hands. Agent Reed gave me news that I am not happy about. In fact, I was dead worried about. I was to go in CSS and retrieve the records, tomorrow. Agent Reed said that his was giving me “another chance” but I know that it was a very risky mission, and that the possibilities of not coming back were high. And I couldn’t pull out, because there was no one else who was willing to take my place.

“When did I sign up for this?” I asked myself when I get back, and I got some clothes out, ready for later. A black dress and clutch bag, white leather jacket and high heels. Just like my vision.

“So where are you going?” James peered round the door. “Yeah, where are you going?” Chris peered round too.

“Out!” I yelled at them, also slamming the door in their faces feels good as well.

I had a shower, splashing warm water on my face. I hadn’t been out for a long time, so when I found black nail polish in my drawer, I was really surprised! 

Feeling beautified, I step out of the house and into my modified black Audi TT convertible. I turned Paloma Faith up and listened to her, singing her heart out.

Oh, if you lost your way… and it drove you crazy, you will still have me, we’ll work together you’ll see. We’ll put in blood, sweat and tears, blood, sweat and tears…” I murmured along with her.

I turned into the car park, and then parked the car. I noticed a very smart Land Rover that I had parked next to me. I also noticed that it is modified, like mine. Adam’s, it must have be. I felt that someone was watching me, looked around to find security cameras everywhere. I had never felt like that in a car park before. I hurried away towards the exit and made my way towards the café.

I saw I at a two seat table, in the corner, I walked over, glad to be Vicky Roux, not Agent Roux. He stared at me with this wonder in his eyes.

“Your beautiful tonight, you know that don’t you?” He said. I felt my heart thumping up and down in my chest. Then I smiled at him, the most dazzling smile I could muster up. He laughed at my face.

“That is the very smile you put on when you first saw me, don’t you remember?” he smiled at me. Then, it came flooding back to me. He was the one who gave me the ability to see the future! He was the one by the old oak tree! He studied me face with a smile.

“Did you know that the drink was meant for me?” he asked. “No, I guess not,” he carried on. I gaped at him. Could he read minds? “In-fact, I can!” he gave a hearty laugh. “Once I gave you the gift of seeing the future, I went back and they found out I that couldn’t see the future,” his face darkened. “I got severely punished and was forced to drink this other liquid and was given the gift of reading minds,” he shuddered. “It’s not pleasant!” he laughed. We chatted about our lives and jobs, not giving much away. Then he dropped the bomb he had been holding.

“Could you get me arrested by SS10?” I stared at him. He was dead serious.

“I couldn’t!  I wouldn’t be able to see you! Well, I might be able to, but it couldn’t anything like this!” he looked pained. Why on earth did he want this?

“Because I’m sick of CSS!” he whispered. I looked at him. Couldn’t he quit? He sighed and patiently explained to me about CSS.

“You just can’t walk out of CSS, we agents are sworn to be part of it until we die, or taken captive. But if you wish not to be part of it any more, they kill you. It is one of the many things that my parents are doing wrong,” he looked at the food set down in front of him, as I digest the information that he had given me. His Mum and Dad are head of CSS and he would get killed if he quits CSS.

“What about your brother?” I cautiously asked. He looked at me, great pain in his eyes.

“It was a test for my mother. If she killed him, she would become head of CSS with Dad. Bradley said that he should let her do it if she wants too, he’s not scared. He was in-fact going to commit suicide if something didn’t happen soon,” we finished the meal in silence. Then paid the bill, £120, and with that, we walked to the car park. I think about how I might see him tomorrow.

“I’m going on a mission tomorrow, and I might not be back for a few days,” I chose my words carefully, keeping, the destination out of my mind. Then I climb into my car, shut the door and wind the window down. I asked him if the land rover’s was his and he nodded, smiling.

“What?” I asked him. “Nothing, just wondering what your mission is,” he replied, resting his elbows onto the door, so his head was by mine. “That’s the thing about being a spy love,” I told him, kissing his lips. His lips responded and we stayed there for a couple of seconds. Then we broke away and stared into each other’s eyes. “You know what my mission is because you can read my mind, but I’m not going to tell you out loud,” And then I wind the window and drove off. 

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