Victoria Roux works for SS10, and leads a normal spy life. Just one thing. She can see the future, an ability that nobody else has. Until she bumps into a man. Can she trust him with her secrets? And can she rely on him in her time of need?


10. Mission Impossible

I hated that. There I was, stuck in the red and black building of the CSS HHQ. I got the files and I knew the way, but I couldn’t find the stupid door! I heard voices behind me. Oh great! I turn into corridor which I hadn’t gone down yet. It’s was a lot darker down here. I could barely see, but, yes! There was a door! I ran over to it and fumble for the keys that I got off another agent in there. I found the keys and tried to open the door with one. There was no time to trial and error! I studied the key hole and then studied the keys. The voices got louder. Don’t panic, I told myself, don’t panic! I tried one of the likely candidates for the key hole. Hurrah! It worked therefore; I got out of the building and ran like the devil himself was after me. Unfortunately, it seems like luck wasn’t on my side. I tripped over and landed on my ankle awkwardly. Pain filled my head and I forced myself to get up, so close to the fence. I tried to run, but I couldn’t. I felt hands around my arms and handcuffs being forced on my wrists.

“Get her up” a female voice ordered. There is only one voice the recalls memory from the far-away past. Mum. I turned my head around to see the proudness and sharp features of my mother’s face. Those features twisted into shock when she saw me.

“Vic, darling, are you ok?” she asked as she knelt down to me. She touched my face and I winced when someone moved my ankle. “What’s the matter darling?” Mum asked with a worried look on her face.

“My ankle!” I said through gritted teeth. She looked at it and ordered other agents to do something and I feel myself being lifted and I think mighty hard about Adam. I shouted his name in my head. Come on love, where are you? Then, I heard the sound of running feet, and then I saw a familiar face.  “I think Father would like see you about this Sophie,” a calm voice said. “I’ll take her the hospital wing,” I get handed over and his face came into my vision. At last! He and my mum exchanged a few words and then we made our way towards the CSS hospital wing.

Is it always this dark? I wondered, and Adam nodded. I shivered in the thought of being stuck in a dark place all day. Corridors went on forever and ever and then, finally, we reached the hospital wing. That part of the building was a lot lighter and very few beds were taken.

 Doctors bustled around the place, carrying test tubes with clear liquid. Both Adam and I stiffened. It’s the same thing that creates powers in people.

“What is this about Agent Jones?” a doctor snapped. Adam briefly explained about my ankle, without having mentioned who I am. The same doctor treated my ankle when, the door suddenly flung open. Three people came running in, the man said:

“Well, well, well! Who do we have here?” a slow, excited voice came over. Oh no. The king of criminals crawled in. I could tell where Adam got his good looks from. The three who I assumed are Adam’s mum and dad along with my mum get in a group and whispered. I heard titbits of the conversation and I saw Adam’s face fall. Things couldn’t be good. A word is said and the doctors painfully grabbed me by the arms. I scream out in pain as my ankle was moved violently.

“Please! Let her get her ankle seen to!” my mother begged. Adam looks at me, his eyes saying sorry. I understand why he is staying quiet. He could have got into serious trouble if he spoke. I looked at the male head of CSS and gave him my death stare, which everyone seemed to think does kill people. He was taken back at the sight of that and then smiled at me, which knocked back my confidence.

“You know, your father gave me that very stare before I put him into the cells, I think I’m going to do the same to you as well,” his sly face showed the authority that he had around there. Adam’s face was the complete opposite; his dad noticed this and pinned him down immediately. 

“What are you doing with this girl?” he hissed “Don’t think that I haven’t noticed! Why are-” he interrupted by his wife.

“You love her,” Those three words came out harshly, bitterly and cold, just like ice. I flinched back at them and Adam looked hurt. Adam’s dad nodded and I am taken away quickly. But not before I saw Adam being thrown on to the floor, then received a kick from my mother, by order.

 I hated my mother. 

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