Victoria Roux works for SS10, and leads a normal spy life. Just one thing. She can see the future, an ability that nobody else has. Until she bumps into a man. Can she trust him with her secrets? And can she rely on him in her time of need?


7. Confessions

Becky helped me into the lounge, along with carefully sweeping up the frosty blue glass that was all over the floor.

“Vic, you’re not drunk are you?” she asked. “Of course not!” I forcefully replied, “I’m not sure about my brothers though,”

She pointed upstairs and I nodded. She nodded back and bit her lip. “What’s the matter?” I asked her. “It doesn’t matter,” she replied. “Let’s go into the lounge and I want to hear about everything!”

 Soon, we were settled on the couch with the morning sun creeping in the room. A pink sky blazes above and the embers of the fire were glowing very slightly.

“Please tell me!” Becky begged me. I felt hurt about not telling her, so I told her everything, excluding Adam, he is mine, and all mine. But I saw no reason, since Becky is in love with Chris. Her body langue gave her along with a vision of their wedding, but I look for Adam in my future, and all I see is the date that I have seen before. The rest is foggy.

That has never happened before.

I look at Becky with a sly smile. “Is there something you want to tell me Becky?” I asked her. She blushed and curled up even more and hugged herself. “Like what?” she asked me.

“Like whom do you fancy?” I replied.  “Thou shall not fancy one’s brother!” she giggled. Then horror crossed her face… “I don’t mind, really!” I reassured her. “But...” she started then went into tears. I looked at her, confusion crosses my mind. Becky has never ever burst into tears before.

“Becky, are you alright? What’s the matter?” I asked her, fearing the answer. “Because he doesn’t love me back!” she choked, before turning on a fresh load of tears.

I looked at her. Chris didn’t love her back? I was going to have serious words with him!

“Don’t tell him! Please don’t tell him!” Becky begged. I had never seen her like this before. Was this how love kills people and sends them crazy?

Was that how I am going to be with Adam? Becky looked at me, her mascara all messed up. 

“Do you want to stay over at mine tonight? It would be fun!” I asked Becky… she looked doubtful and was about to say something before I interrupted her.

“Please! Please Becky… I will need help tonight…” I begged her.

“Oh! Alright then! I’ll drive you to work tomorrow and back if you want!” she laughed.

“No thanks, I’ll catch a bus,” I replied. Then we stumbled upstairs for a two hour sleep before my alarm clock sang for work. We groggily got up and got ready for another boring day at the office. Not just any old boring day… I reminded myself. My date is tonight!

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