Victoria Roux works for SS10, and leads a normal spy life. Just one thing. She can see the future, an ability that nobody else has. Until she bumps into a man. Can she trust him with her secrets? And can she rely on him in her time of need?


5. Break in

The damage wasn’t too bad when I got there, the white painted wood was still sparklingly and the bottles on the shelves (thank goodness, I spent ages organising then into groups), however, the door had been forced off and the till was broken into but I still was shocked to see Chris drunk to notice any more. I shook my head, madness. Becky was talking to some senior agents (e.g. really old, serious spies) about everything when I tapped her on the shoulder.

“What… Oh, it’s you Vic!” she exclaimed, one of the senior agents frowned at her, but Becky ignored him, I could help myself noticing that she was ignoring Agent Reed, one of the most unfair male agent in the whole unit. Becky was in for a nasty surprise later, the poor girl.

“HQ?” I whispered to her, hoping that none of the police could hear me. Becky shrugged her shoulders; I could tell she was worried though. Nicole jumped between us, she was a bit hyper, but she was normally hyper after caffeine.

“Hi guys! How’s HQ?” she asked me and Becky shrug her shoulders. This was going to be a sleepless night. I took the caffeine drink out of my bag and took a big gulp. Then I pass it round the group (Nicole and Becky) because they looked longing at my drink and I knew that if I didn’t pass it round, Becky was going hand wrestle me for it, because she didn’t do asking.

The head of SS10 came out of his car, all agents straighten up and silence fell. He looked relived that the damaged wasn’t so bad and that HQ wasn’t found. He ordered us to come back to the Head HQ for a brief with Agent Reed… Poor Becky…

But there were questions to be answered like who broke in and why? That question I couldn’t think of an answer to that question as I drove through the back streets to the HHQ (Head HQ), my phone was beeping like a bomb was going to go off, indicating that I had a call or voice message as I was intending not to answer it.  I really needed to change my ring tone!

When I got to HHQ, everyone was almost shouting their opinions on the break in. I just shrunk into a corner and hoped nobody noticed me because I wasn’t in the mood for talking to anyone. Unfortunately everyone turned to me to ask me for my opinion. I shrugged my shoulders and then got pressed for an answer. I was about to say: “I really don’t know!” when Agent Reed walked in. His grey hair, dull and greasy, as well as having crumpled paper as skin made him the scariest looking agent in the whole unit. After him came a younger (much younger in fact), I thought that it was Adam for a minute but as the dizzy feeling didn’t come, I guess it wasn’t him. Instead, James came out!

“James!” I exclaimed, running to him and hugging him. He hugged me back and has the same twinkle as Chris had in his eye, but James had it in both his eyes. Someone cleared their throat behind us; Agent Reed was frowning at us, like I care one little bit. I get pulled away by Becky into the meeting room, whereas James was sent off to get a folder from Agent’s Reed’s office.

 In the meeting room, it was like a room like no other in the HHQ. To start with, it had brown polished oak table, which reflected the brown wooden walls, which had panels in it. All though we never used them, in those panels were guns and all sorts of weapons. Now, I wish I was in bed at home, because the caffeine shot drink didn’t seem to work.

Agent Reed goes on about how someone could break into our salon, but I wasn’t listening. I was looking into the future, looking at dates that I needed to put on the calendar (I’d even got Nicole’s 30th birthday party written down somewhere! And she was only 23!)

But doing this helped me to calm down and to progress the events that had happened during today. I was about to drifted off when my phone beeped like it had never beeped before. Everyone was silent and looked at me. I knew that I had ten text messages and five missed calls. Uh oh. I remembered the rule about having phones turned off in meetings so that no one could get interrupted or listened into.

“Miss… Whatever-your-name-is, would you mind stepping outside and dealing with your phone, or do us all a favour and hand it in.” Agent Reed’s smug tone echoed through the room. No doubt he wanted to look at all our phones and see if we could be fired for anything. “I’ll step outside for a moment,” I told him, my tone crisp and sharp. Several gasps came around the room and Agent Reed’s mouth went into a straight line and his eyes harden. I bet no one has ever spoken to him like that before.

“Very well then, out you go. And don’t think about coming back in,” his tone made it clear that I was not invited to come back to the rest of the meeting. And that was fine. I walked out and waited for the oak doors to close behind me. And with that, I whipped my phone out and looked at the messages I had. A text and missed call from Chris, no doubt about saying sorry, a text from SS10 about the new phone, three texts from Nicole about a night out with us and nine missed calls and five texts from an unknown number. Could it be…? Yep! They were from Adam, saying he would love to meet up with me, perhaps tomorrow at café Mate in town? I replied straight away saying I would meet him at four o’clock and couldn’t wait to see him. But would he really try to contact me that much? 

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