We Just Love Food

Cute Irish guy, Niall Horan. Gets in his letter box a £2 of voucher to Nando's, little does he know, he'll meet his soul mate there as well.

And yes, that is Zoella on the cover (again!!) because she so pretty<3
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10. Who kidnapped her?!

Violet's POV:


I felt the bed lighten. Niall was awake and he's gone to the bathroom. The bathroom door shut and I heard the lock. I opened my eyes to the sunshine through the windows, the rain came down like the typical England weather. For a moment, I just laid there, watching the rain drops hit the window making little clapping sounds. After a good few minutes I decided it was the time to get up and see if the other boys were awake. I came down the white spiral staircase and to the kitchen. I could smell food and feel heat. I peeked through the gap that the door was leaving.


Liam was inside putting pancakes onto 6 different plates, "Liam! Pancakes! Good morning,"he looked up from the counter and gave a friendly smile my way.


"Nice to see another early bird in this house," "Oh, Niall's awake too," he continued placing the pancakes onto the plates. I took one which was already done and grabbed a fork in the cupboard. 


"He is? What happend yesterday then. I heard you both arguing where he should've slept," I took a seat at the opposite side of Liam. "Yeah, he slept in the bed with me. I couldn't have a popstar catching a flu," he yet again looked up to me, but differently.


"Even though you both have partners? Isn't that a little too weird?" "What do you mean? It didn't mean anything, Liam," he nodded his head and I took a huge bite of the pancakes. We both heard loud footsteps coming down the stairs,


"Violet? Violet? Are you here?!" he was calling my name and coming closer. Liam and my heads turned to the door, waiting for Niall's appearance


"Oh thank goodness your here. I came out the bathroom and you weren't th-" he leaned against the door breathing heavily. "Oh, breakfast!" me and Liam laughed at him as he licked his lips.


Why was that such a turn on. Face palm Violet. You've gotten over him, right? His actions does not and will not affect the feelings you now have. Spencer is your boyfriend, who you love and care for. I quickly stuffed the last pancake in my mouth, "Got to get ready!" I said over the pancakes in my mouth and ran upstairs.


As I came back to Niall's room, my phone rang. Like it knew I just came up, I went over to the bedside table and looked at it. It was Spencer. I pressed the green phone button, "Hey honey? Where are you? I popped over last night and you wasn't home,"


"Spencer, I'm so sorry. I'm at Niall's house with the boys. They wanted me to come over last night so I did," there was a long pause. "So you slept at his?" "Yes," "Why couldn't you come home then?" "Spencer, they made me watch a scary film.." 


I heard him breath in. He knew I had a phobia of anything scary, "Why didn't you ring me and ask if I could drop you off home?" "I thought you'd be busy.." Another sigh. "Never busy enough for you honey," I smiled at his lovey-dovey sentence. "I'm sorry Spencer," "It's ok honey, I'll come pick you up. Be ready, cya," and he hung up.


Niall's POV:


Her body turned around to face me. She was still asleep, it was 7 in the morning and I couldn't get any sleep last night. I looked at all her beautiful features. Her long, thin brown hair. That was always curly at the bottom of every hair. Her lips were soft and a lovely pink colour. What would I do to kiss those lips? I know for the fact that I'd do anything. Whatever it would take to make her mine, it'll happen one day. The boys won't be laughing then, will they?


I needed to get away from her beauty. It was dragging me in deeper and deeper. I got up out the bed gently to my bathroom. I took my clothes in as well. A shower was the first thing I needed. I got undressed and hopped into the shower. I let the water flow for awhile so it could get warm. 


I was wrong. A shower wasn't the first thing I needed. It was the last. It's that place where you think about everything going on in your life and where you ask questions. The subject I focused on was, Violet. I got changed into my everyday wear and came out to find no one in the bed. The door was wide open and her phone was abandoned on the nightstand. Where could she be? What if someone had taken her? I have to find her.


I ran down the stairs. Damn, I never knew they were so many steps.  "Violet? Violet? Are you here?!" I called out to her. If anyone else apart from her and the boys were here. They'd know I'd be looking for her. I checked every room downstairs except the kitchen.


It was where warm heat came from. My heart started beating quicker and quicker. What have the done to her? I've checked every room in this house, she has to be in there. My body relaxed when I saw two faces starting at me. One was Violet. The other was definitely not a cereal killer, it was Liam.


"Oh thank goodness your here. I came out the bathroom and you weren't th-" I noticed what Liam had on the counter infront of him. Pancakes, one of my weaknesses. "Pancakes!" I called out. Just realising i didn't finish my sentence. It didn't matter to them though. They just laughed at my greediness. 


I licked my lips in delight. I can't wait to get stuck into them.

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