We Just Love Food

Cute Irish guy, Niall Horan. Gets in his letter box a £2 of voucher to Nando's, little does he know, he'll meet his soul mate there as well.

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2. Voucher

Violet's POV:


Rattle! Rattle! I was woken up by my mail getting stuffed through my mailbox. I picked up my phone, 7:30 am. Why does the mailman come so early? I put on my pink and white hearts dressing gown and rushed downstairs to see what had waken me up. I picked it off the floor, it was a voucher. Hold on. Please tell me this was worth getting up for. I slowly turned it around. It was a freaking Nando's voucher. SCORE! I fist bumped the air and skipped to the kitchen. It was 25% off everything you'd buy. I put it on my fridge, with a hamburger magnetic on. I took out a tub of Coco Pops and poured it into a bowl. I went into the living room, getting a spoon. Yes I, Violet Reaning, eats cereal without milk. Is that a problem? Because I don't really care what you think. I turned the TV on, it was on MTV. 


Truly, Madly, Deeply I am

Foolishly, completely falling

And somehow you kicked my walls in

So baby you'll always keep me

Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you

I love with you


Ew, a love song. I hate love songs. Something about this song though. It's catchy. I found myself humming to this song whilst eating. Apparently it's made by One Direction. Who would of guessed. The biggest boy band in the world and I'm listening to them. Oh god, I'm getting all soft. I watch them sing it. There's a cute one, blonde. Beautiful blue eyes. Not like my blue ones. Wait, his eyes? Oh lord no. I turn the TV off. I ain't going to like a guy. Especially a guy who wouldn't like me anyways. I went back up to my bedroom to get the sleep I lost earlier. All I was thinking about was that boy. I wonder what his name was? I probably will become one of those crazy fangirls now, aren't I? I fell asleep awhile later and woke up. I checked my phone, 11:05 am. Ooo, it's lunch now. Better use that voucher. I went through my closet and found what I was looking for. Floral shorts, pink crop top and my pink vans. Did I mention, I live with my best friends Flora and Daisy. They're off on a family trip in America. So unfair! Well, I don't think they'll be having Nando's for lunch...HA!


I drove my car into the full packed car park. I got out of the car, stepping into Nando's. I felt the warm breeze flow through my hair. It was so much more warmer in here then outside. "Just one moment Miss," the waitress left with a family of 5. I thought it was going to be a good time to search for the guys name. Since I was going to have to wait quite awhile. I searched 'One Direction members' if anyone caught me, they'd probably think I live under a rock. Niall Horan. That's such a cute name... "Niall Horan..." I felt myself reciting his lush name. Did I just call a guy's name lush"Yes? Your calling me?"I looked up to see a pair of deep blue eyes, staring into mine. No, it can't be him. One Direction, Niall Horan, here, talking to me? "Erm, no..I don't know what your on about..." he just chuckled. "Well, yes. I'm Niall Horan. From One Direction and you are?" he's even more cute in real life."I'm Violet" I felt myself blush like crazy. "Well, Violet. I have a voucher, would you like to have a meal with me?" "I-I'd love to, but just so it happens, I have one as well. I was kind of intending to spend it on a meal to go." "Well, how about a meal to stay with me...and you can use yours later?" he's Irish accent was driving me insane, in a good way."Umm, sure. Why not?"  he gave me a smile and the waitress came back over. "Meal for two?" we both nodded and followed her to a table.


After getting to know Niall a lot better, I decided that I needed to get back home. "Sorry, I need to leave. I have to get up early tomorrow" "Really? That's bad. Hope to see you again then Violet?" he handed me a piece of paper with his number written on it. I nodded in agreement. "So, I can leave and like you said, your going to pay?" I pulled him a 'You promised, pleeeassseee' face. He giggled, showing off his beautiful straight teeth. "Yes, I did. I did. Don't you worry Violet. I have it all sorted out"


Niall's POV:


"Check please!" I asked the waitress who was serving Violet and I. She came back, I slotted the voucher in a paid the rest off. She came back, I stood up and put on my jacket. "Erm, Sir. We don't take these vouchers.." "T-that can't be. Look!" I pointed my finger at where it says the expiry date. "I'm sorry, this has to be a fake" I sighed heavily. What sick-o does that? "Dammit." I pulled my wallet out.  "But..if you sign this for my daughter I'll let you go..." she handed me our 'Take Me Home' CD. Of course, I agreed. I will never forget the night I met Violet Reaning. Such a sweet girl. I wish I can see her soon, maybe she wants to see me too? I'll never know..



So, hopefully, these chapters will be longer than I usually do. I usually plan them in a little notebook, so it looks like I've written quite a lot. In this one, everything that comes out of my mind will go in the story straight away!

Hope you enjoyed this FIRST chapter!x



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