We Just Love Food

Cute Irish guy, Niall Horan. Gets in his letter box a £2 of voucher to Nando's, little does he know, he'll meet his soul mate there as well.

And yes, that is Zoella on the cover (again!!) because she so pretty<3
Her Youtube! ---> zoella280390



Hey, so if your a big fan of this story, then you would of realized that I clearly haven't been updating. This is mainly because I genuinely don't know what to write anymore. So my friend decided SHE wanted to write a fanfic on wattpad. Which influenced me to carry on my story, this won't be continued on Movella anymore as I think wattpad has more readers and attractions. I will upload all these chapters onto wattpad and hopefully get the amount of views I'm wanting. Sorry for this notice if your a Movella user but I'd much rather continue on Wattpad. 


Before I leave with this message, I want to thank everyone in the comments and the people who have favourited this story, it really means a lot to a writer. Hope you all can come and read more on Wattpad!!


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