We Just Love Food

Cute Irish guy, Niall Horan. Gets in his letter box a £2 of voucher to Nando's, little does he know, he'll meet his soul mate there as well.

And yes, that is Zoella on the cover (again!!) because she so pretty<3
Her Youtube! ---> zoella280390


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Violet's POV:


"Do you want to come over an watch a movie? Theres nothing to do around this house" "Haha, sure I will Harry! I'll be there in a minute!" I quickly got changed into some appropriate clothing to watch a movie at a friends house and drove to Niall's. 


"It's Violet," I rolled down my car window and talked through the speaker and the gates opened. I parked my car behind the other 3 cars parked at the front of the house. I got out and knocked on the door.


"Hey Violet!" "Hey Hazza!" We hugged each other before I stepped inside. "Finally, you arrive. We nearly died of bordom," "I try my best!" we came into the living room where all the boys were. They was sat on the floor deciding what to watch.


"Toy..Story?" "Liam!" everyone groaned. "How about something scary?" my eyes popped open. "Nope, no. No, no, no way, I'm out!" I got the boys attention. i threw my hands in the air and began walking out the room.


"Hey, your not going anywhere," a hand pulled my arm back. "Ouch! Be careful, I'm fragile.." Harry shook his head. Niall got up, "It's fine. You can sit next to me. I can take care of you," he said, taking Harry's grip off my risk.


"Ooo, "I'll take care of you" kiss, kiss," Louis impersonated, very badly. I shot him a glare and he backed off, Zayn put the CD in. The movie soon started. Liam came in with 3 bowls of popcorn. One for me and Niall. One for Harry and Louis and one for him and Zayn.


Half way through the movie I was hiding behind a pillow, my head tucking in Niall's chest. My eyes shut tightly. I could still hear the screams coming out the TV. Niall slowly stroked my hair and rubbed my back. Click! I heard the sound of an iPhone camera going off, I peaked out of the pillow. I saw all the guys crowed around Liam and Zayn across the room. Zayn had his phone in one hand and they all were smiling their heads off. I knew exactly what they was doing.


I got up and walked straight down to them, looking out for anyone who looked like they was going to kill me. I grabbed his phone and looked in his photo gallery. They were multiple photos of me and Niall on the couch, "What do you think your doing?!" I snapped at him, they all was trying to hide their smiles but I could see them.


"I-I don't you what you mean," Niall paused the movie and came over, "What's going on?" "These little pests are taking photo's of us!" I showed his each one of them, "So, you going to say anything?" all eyes were now on him. He looked down at the floor, I could see a little grin appearing on his face. 


"Niall!" the boys started laughing. "We're going out with other people! You can't just do that!" "We just ship you two together, at least it's not photoshopped?" Louis said. "Theres no time for freaking tumblr slag!" I started deleting the pictures and gave Zayn his phone back.


The 3 boys held there phones up with different pictures of us on the couch, "Little too late, Violet" Liam said. I groaned and sat back down on the nearest couch. Covering my head with my hands.


"Hey, I'll have a talk with them. I promise they won't do anything with those photo's, ok?" Niall sat by me and put an arm around my shoulders. I nodded, "C-Can I stay here tonight? I don't really want to go home at this time and after watching that movie.." "Sure, it's fine,"


"Niall, sleep on the bed. You'll catch a cold on the floor and it's uncomfortable," Niall came into his room with bed sheets and pillows. I helped him put them down. "Or I'll just sleep on the floor," "No! A woman shan't sleep on the floor!" he started to set the sheets down on the floor,


"Then sleep on the bed!" he looked up at me and sighed. "Ok, but just to let you be sure, I won't try anything on you," "And I wouldn't ask you to if I think you was going to?" 


I climbed into his soft warm bed and under the white plain sheets. He got in on the other side and turned the light off, "Goodnight Violet," "Goodnight Niall,"



I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP (danisnotonfire)



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