We Just Love Food

Cute Irish guy, Niall Horan. Gets in his letter box a £2 of voucher to Nando's, little does he know, he'll meet his soul mate there as well.

And yes, that is Zoella on the cover (again!!) because she so pretty<3
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5. Rumours, Rumours

Violet's POV:


I woke up to my phone ringing. It vibrated onto my forehead, "What do you want?" I didn't read who it was, "Violet! You never told us your going out with Niall Horan!" It was Daisy. Daisy and Flora were huge fans of the boys. I'm kind of surprised that I don't know everything about them with the state they're in. "W-what are you on about? Yes, me and Niall are friends, but we're nothing more," I grunted at what I just said. Yeah, He'll never think of my differently then a friend. "Just a friend?! What are you talking about! It's all over Facebook! Why didn't you tell us Violet!!" What does she mean all over Facebook... "Hang on Daisy," I got up to my laptop to open it up. As soon as it came on I went onto Facebook, I had 42 new notifications. Oh shoot. I went onto my settings to set it to private. I came onto my wall to read what has been written. 'You and Niall would be so cute together!x' 'Your pretty cute. You and Niall will be an awesome couple Violet!' Don't tell me this is happening. I saw some post's that wasn't even in English. "Daisy, I'm in trouble." I told her how we met, when I came to his and the feeling I may of have for him "Well just ask him out! See what he thinks about you!" "Daisy, it's not that simple. He wouldn't want me, what about Demi Lovato? She's pretty and they kind of have something.." "Violet! It'll be totally fine! If your not ready then I won't make you. Me and Flora need to go now anyways. I'll miss you!! KISSES!"


"Niall, can I come over tonight?" I wanted to figure things out with all the rumours. It bugged me that he hasn't done anything yet. "Sure, I'll pick you up in 15 minutes" I got ready and waiting for Niall. He soon arrived and we went straight to his. With my luck, the boys were there when I needed to talk to Niall. "Hey Violet" they all greeted me. "Niall, I need to talk to you about something, privately." We both came into his kitchen, "What do I need to know?" "Well Niall. I've been geting notifications on Facebook. And they all are rumours about me and you..together." he looked at me confused "Us, together?" he pointed his finger at me then back at him. I nodded looking to the ground. He let out a loud laugh "Your joking right? Me and you together? We'd be horrible! Imagine that!" Did he say that? Wow, that was harsh. Well, at least I now know my dreams won't come true. I fake laughed "Yeah, big disaster! Well, that's what I wanted to say. I'll get going now," I headed out the kitchen to his front door. I wasn't going to fall for a guy who's feelings wasn't mutual. It hurt when he said that. It really did. I never thought I'd say that. A guy hurt me, again. "Violet? Your already leaving? You just got here," I turned around and saw Harry at the end of the hall. "Yeah, I just needed to tell Niall something. I'm done here, cya Harry." I opened the door and walked out on him.




I walked slowly down the garden. It was a place I'd always used to go to when I was alone, sad, hurt. I haven't been here in a long time, because there was no need. The garden belong to an old house that hasn't been used in years. All though the flowers still bloomed and the grass stayed short. I sat down on the old oak tree, I traced my hands around the wood until I found a carving. It was two big eyes and a sad face. I remember doing that. I used to carve things out on something to let my stress out. It was all too much to handle. All of a sudden, the feelings I used to have came rushing back to me. Tears rolled down my cheeks. What did I do that's so bad to deserve this? You know what? For get it. This is a part of everyone's lives. Everyone's dreams get's crushed. What do those people do? They move on, they live life like they haven't before. This is what I need to do. Niall can suck it. He doesn't know what he's missing. I dried my tears away. Stay strong Violet, stay awake. My eyelids slid shut.


I woke up. I was still under the oak tree. The sky was now dark, but the garden was lit up by the moon. I heard crunches of leaves coming closer. Who was it? I thought I was the only who knew of this place. Somehow I was wrong though. "You've changed Violet, three years have gone fast" I stood up and turned around. It was a bulky man. Brown spiky hair, blue light eyes. He had a kind smile on his face. His eyes lit up the same about of light like the moon. How did he know my name? On right side of his neck he had a long cut. It was stitched up, it's been there for a while I noticed. Wait, it couldn't be. It can't be. Is it? "Kyle?.."



Who do you think Kyle is? Is he good or bad with the little description you got of him?



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