We Just Love Food

Cute Irish guy, Niall Horan. Gets in his letter box a £2 of voucher to Nando's, little does he know, he'll meet his soul mate there as well.

And yes, that is Zoella on the cover (again!!) because she so pretty<3
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7. Plan's

Violet's POV:


"So what have I missed in the last 3 years?" "What have you missed? Not much really. Well, I live here with Daisy and Flora now. I have a part time job in a cafe," I answered him casually. I didn't want to add the fact that I've been hanging around with Niall Horan. He won't need to know anything about them. "So, you've got a girlfriend yet?" I asked him cheekily. He laughed. "Well, actually. I met this girl in rehab. She nice, really. We just, kind of clicked. We'll have to come over and have dinner sometime. You?" he met a girl in rehab? Oh well I can't wait to meet her.. "You? What do you mean? Oh, me! No, no, no. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment," "What? Why not? Your beautiful!" I chuckled, "Kyle, I don't need a boyfriend if I don't want one. I'm just not ready yet," I thought back to Niall's reaction. "You ok? You know what? I'll introduce you to someone! I know the perfect guy. He was dragged into the very same group. He came out well though," he's trying to set me up with someone? I guess it won't be that bad. I do need to forget about Niall, I never know. He may be a sweet guy. Why not take a shot? "Ok, I guess? What harm can it do," a smile lit up on his face. "Great! Here, write you number down on here. So I can call you later," the door bell rang. Who would like to visit me? "Could you get that for me Kyle?" I was busy writing my number for him, "Sure,"


Kyle's POV:


I got the door for Violet. I found her keys on the steps. I picked it up and opened her door. Once I opened it, there was a boy stood there. He had blonde hair, blue eyes and some casual clothes on. He looked surprise to see me, "And you are?" I asked him, looking his up and down. "Kyle? Who is it?" I heard Violet call from the living room. "I-I'm Niall. A friend of Violet's?" he said it like I didn't know who Violet was. "I never knew Violet had any boy friends!" he wasn't yet on my good list, but he's past stage one. "And you're?" "Come in Niall. I'm sure Violet would love to see you," I made a signal for him to come in. He stepped inside. Like I was going to hurt him. He followed me into the living room to where Violet was. "Your friend's here Violet. I'll leave you two alone," Violet realised we came in and looked surprised herself.


Violet's POV:


I looked up to find Kyle and Niall. What's he doing here? "I'll leave you two alone," Oh no, please don't Kyle. "Umm, hi. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. For earlier, I kind of reacted a little too much." "Yeah, you kind of did." we stood awkwardly in silence. "So, I never knew you had a boyfriend.." I have a boyfriend? When did all this happen without me knowing? "What are you talking about? I don't have a boyfriend.." "Kyle is it?" he gave me a confused look. He think's Kyle's my boyfriend. I laughed so much my belly started to hurt. "W-what?" "Kyle's my brother," he went bright pink. "Wow, I'm sorry." we laughed it off "It's fine. Really. So, what we going to do about the news?" "I really don't have a clue. This is the problem with the world and being famous. Too many rumours." I nodded my head like I understood what he meant. "Well we can just tell them that were not going out? That's basically the simple conclusion." I suggested. He muttered something under his breath. "Did you say something, Niall?" "Huh? Yes, I said that we should just do that,"



Sorry for the short chapter! Tried to write this while my sister was pissing about with her friends and making too much noise.



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