We Just Love Food

Cute Irish guy, Niall Horan. Gets in his letter box a £2 of voucher to Nando's, little does he know, he'll meet his soul mate there as well.

And yes, that is Zoella on the cover (again!!) because she so pretty<3
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11. Nurf Guns rule!

Violet's POV:


I put my hair up into a little bun at the top of my head and waited in the living room for Spencer. He just had texted me saying that he'd be here in 5 minutes. I sat on the arm of the sofa swing my legs up and down in time to the clock. Up, down, up, down. Tick, tock, tick, tock. 


"Hey, can you help me wake the guys up? It's nearly 9 and their not up yet," I looked to the door and saw Liam looking at me. "Urm, yeah. Sure, how are we going to wake them up?" I stood up and came to him. He gave me a cheeky grin.


Oh no. What is he thinking? Behind his back he came out with 2 Nurf Guns. My mouth opened wide. "YES! YOU ARE LIKE MY SOUL MATE LIAM!!" I grabbed a fully loaded Nurf gun from him and hugged him. If you don't like Nurf guns, your having a joke. They are the second best thing in the world. First is food. 


We both stood against the hallway walls with our guns by our sides. "You get Harry and I'll get.." he whispered quietly. He breathed in before saying, "I'll get Zayn, then we will both head to Louis's" he moaned.


"What's wrong with Zayn?" "What's wrong with Zayn?! He's like a sleeping monster. If his sleep get's interrupted he will explode like a fricking volcano," I made an 'O' shape with my mouth without making a noise. Then I mouthed to Liam, "1,2,3..go!" we both ran towards the two closed doors and barged inside. "Good luck Liam!" I told to him before we both went out separate ways.


Harry was still asleep in his bed. His head was covered by a big orange pillow and his duvet was on the floor. I jumped, ready for attack. I hand my gun in my right hand and with my left, I was going to take the pillow away from his face. Now's the time Violet.


I grabbed the pillow and yanked it out his grip and threw it to his bare floor. I could see his face had changed looks. "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! IT'S WAKEY-WAKEY TIME!" I fired bullets at him until I felt his hand grab the closest leg for him to reached. I looked down to see and when I looked back up, his eyes were fully open.


"GET OFF AND GET UP MR!" Headshot, thats how it's done. He covered his face with the spare hand. Then, he pulled my down. "You'll regret this Styles!" the next moment, I was tackled to the ground. He had me prisoned. I was on the floor with his massive figure on top of me. "I can't wait" he said in his husky morning voice.


"LIAM! HELP ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. He covered his ears with his hands, "Eee, wow. Why do girls scream so loud?" This was my chance of getting away. I rolled out underneath him and grabbed the fallen gun. "I'M COMING FOR YOU TOMMO!!"


I ran out Harry's room, closing the door behind me and ran into Louis's room. "UP YA GET YA LITTLE ROTTEN CARROT!" I stood at his door shooting bullets at him, soon joined by Liam. Louis rose up from his bed. Me and Liam stopped instantly.


"I am a true gentalman. So I shall not hurt the woman. But you Liam Payne. Run Liam. Run," he pulled his duvet onto the floor and chased after Liam. "Doesn't mean we won't hurt you," I turned back and saw Harry and Zayn with their arms folded.


"Erm, I-I like you new style Zayn. Go bed hair, yay!" I was trying my best to get back onto their good side. Didn't look like it worked.


I ran through the middle of them and down the stairs. I bolted towards my boyfriend as I saw his at the front door. "Save me!" I dropped the Nurf gun and hid behind him. The boys stopped running as soon as they saw Spencer.


In the main hall was all the boys now. "I had fun waking you all up!" I gave Liam a high-five. "Too bad your not staying so you can watch me strangle Liam," Louis gave Liam a death glare.


"Can't believe you have to leave so soon," Niall came out and hugged me. "It's not like I'm going in the army. You can pop by any time," he nodded his head in appreciation. "C'mon. Don't you have work today?" Spencer asked me. Oh shoot. I forgot all about work. "Oh lord no, ok. Bye guys! Let's go Spencer,"




I rushed into work late. "I'm so sorry Amy, I just got caught up on somethings," Amy looked up from the counter, "No worries hun. I needed that extra cash anyways," she took of her apron and hung it up as I put mine on.


Two girls stepped into the cafe and made their way to the counter. "Hello girls. What would you like to have today?" they both turned their gaze to the menu above my head. 


"What about this one?" "No, this one sounds the best," "But isn't that the one on the picture?" "Oh yeah. I don't want that one anymore," "Chocolate or vanilla?" "Chocolate for sure," "No, vanilla's better," "Ok we'll get half-half. Whipped cream and flake," "I think we should get whipped cream and sprinkles," the two girls were having a row at each other over the drink.


A coughed, trying to get their attention. "Excuse me. Girls, why don't you buy one each?" they looked at me like I was stupid. "We don't have enough for two," "Well, you seem like you haven't been here before. So they're on the house!" they looked at each other and back to me.


"O-ok. Thank you Miss. One chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles and one vanilla with whipped cream and a flake please." "Ok, I'll be right back girls. If you'd like to take a seat and wait or take it to go," I prepared the warm drinks for the young girls and came back to the counter where they was still stood.


"Here you are girlies. Enjoy," I turned back to wipe the liquid I spilt behind me. After that I turned around and saw what looked like a young youth in a dark hoodie. "Hi, would you like anything?" he said nothing. His hood covered up most of his face and I couldn't see what he looked like.


In his pocket he took out a gun so that only I could see. I was shocked. What did he want, money? "Don't react. Just come with me Violet," how did he know my name? He wants me to come with him. What would he want with me? 


I obeyed his order because I didn't want anyone else in the cafe to get hurt. I came out of the counter and I had to walk infront of him. I could feel the gun on the back of my waist. I walked out of the cafe, infront of me was a dark blue car.


"Open the door and get inside," he said close to my ear. Again, I obeyed him. Just as I put my foot in the car, he pushed me in and closed the door. He got in the drivers seat and locked the doors. 


For awhile we remained silent, going nowhere. Then he pulled his hood down. Letting me observe his face through the mirror. He had dark red hair and brown eyes. His face was filled with scars and stitches.


I saw the end of his lip curl into a smile, "Like what you see, eh? I heard your a good kisser," "Dream on. And who told you that?!" he laughed. His voice was deep and his tone was harsh. 


"Your darling, sweet boyfriend. Spencer,"


What do you think? Did you have that feeling that Spencer was a bad guy from the start?



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