We Just Love Food

Cute Irish guy, Niall Horan. Gets in his letter box a £2 of voucher to Nando's, little does he know, he'll meet his soul mate there as well.

And yes, that is Zoella on the cover (again!!) because she so pretty<3
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8. Double Date

Violet's POV:


It's been about 2 weeks now. Me and Niall have things sorted out. We're not going out, but were friends. If that's all he wants to be then I'm fine with it. I am seeing Spencer now anyways.


2 weeks ago


"Violet? You nearly ready? He'll be here any time soon!" Kyle yelled from down the stairs. 


"Just about done Kyle!" I wore the dress Kyle had bought me. He said that I had to look perfect for the first date. I didn't really mind what I was wearing, Kyle was the best at date's after all. I just can't believe he's picked up a girl from rehab. He could do better, but of course, I haven't met here yet. So who am I to judge what she's like? It was a pink dress, black straps, a black line through the waist of the dress and another thick black line at the bottom. To be quite honest, I'd wear it on a normal day. To top the outfit off, I wore black flat shoes with a pink bow at the top. I had my hair in a nice pony tail. I heard Kyle opening the door for my date, 


"Hey mate! Wait here, I'll get Violet," I took the last look in the mirror, perfect. Kyle barged into my room, 


"Kyle! You don't just run in like that! I nearly had a heart attack!" "I'm sorry, but your keeping you date waiting. C'mon!" he pulled my down the stairs, letting go when we was outside the kitchen. We both walked in, me following behind Kyle. 


"Violet, this is Spencer. Spencer, this is Violet," I looked straight ahead to see a tall man. He had black hair and strangely, blue eyes. You'd never think that they'd fit together, but it looked lovely. He wore a black suit and black tie. He gave me a shy smile, 


"Hi, Violet. You look nice," I blushed a little at his shyness. "Hey Spencer is it? Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself!" 


Present time


He's a really nice guy. Plus, he's opened up to me. He's not at all shy once you get to know him. He can have a fun time and have a laugh. I heard Niall's got a new girlfriend now. Demi Lovato. How did I guess? He invited me and Spencer to have a double date with him and Demi. It makes me happier seeing him happy. So that's all great. 


"You ready to go babe?" Spencer stepped into my room, "Yep. Let's go," 


we got into the car, "You look cute in that dress," he winked at me. I put a hand on my chest and said "I always do," we both laughed at my sarcasm. 


Not long after, we arrived at our destination. It was a posh restaurant. I was lead inside by Spencer, inside we saw Niall and Demi having a little talk. The waiter showed us over. "Hello Niall. I'm Violet," I held my hand out to Demi, she shook it 


"Hi Violet. Demi." "This is my boyfriend Spencer," he pulled out a chair for me and shook both Niall and Demi's hand. 


"So, when did you two start dating?" Niall asked suspiciously.  "About 2 weeks ago," "Yes, 2 weeks ago. 16 days, 384 hours and 23, 040 seconds," Demi and I awed. 


"You've been keeping track?" "I don't want to forget the day I met you," I kissed him on the nose.


Niall was sat awkwardly. "Me and Demi started going out last week," he said quickly. "Actually, it was the week before last week..." she glared at Niall. "Yeah, yeah. I meant that." 


the waiter came over and gave us out menus. Niall and Demi ordered quite expensive food. Oh lord, everything here is expensive. They can also afford these stuff, 


"What you ordering?" I was talking to Spencer behind the menus. "I have absolutely no idea. What is this stuff?!" we heard a cough and put our menus down. "Whatever you guys are doing, can you just order now?" Niall said, annoyed. He probably just want his food. 


"Err," I looked hesitantly at Spencer, "We will both have this," he pointed to something on the menu. "Yes sir," and he left.


"So, we had a lovely time. But we had to leave now," Spencer looked at me and I nodded my head. 


"Its been great meeting you Demi, and catching up with you Niall," "Oh, hey. Here's my number, call me if you need anything, ok?" Demi held out a piece of paper. "Sure"


I put on my coat and smiled at them both before leaving with Spencer. Niall hadn't said his goodbye. Little ignorant if you ask me.



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