We Just Love Food

Cute Irish guy, Niall Horan. Gets in his letter box a £2 of voucher to Nando's, little does he know, he'll meet his soul mate there as well.

And yes, that is Zoella on the cover (again!!) because she so pretty<3
Her Youtube! ---> zoella280390


4. Cooking With Niall

Violet's POV:


We walked into his kitchen,"So what do you fancy making?" we haven't discussed making anything yet, I wonder what he has planned. "Well, how about pizza? I think we have everything." he took out an iPad and searched for the recipe. We spent the next 5 minutes gathering them up. "Well this is going to be fun! I've never made pizza before," "Never? Never ever?" he looked at my face surprised"Well, I had the chance to in high-school. But I took another corse," he nodded. "Well ok. So first we..make the pizza dough!" In half an hour we had flour all over the kitchen floor. "Stop Niall!" we was having a flour fight. We was running around the kitchen, like cat and mouse. I was obviously, the mouse.  "Hey, what's going on in here?" I heard multiple footstep coming closer to the kitchen. The boys walked in and I ran past them. Just at that moment, Niall threw the bag of flour at me, but fortunately for me, it landed on the boys. "Niall James Horan. You are  going to pay!" Zayn screamed at him and started to run after Niall. I stood in the kitchen laughing. "That's not funny young lady. I expect you AND Niall to clean this up!" Liam said with a little smile coming out of his mouth. "We need to shower again now! I already had a shower this morning!" Harry moaned sliding down the wall. "Oh but please father! This is not my doing!" I said sarcastically, with a little bit of acting in there. "You must learn these consequences hanging around mischievous boys like Mr Horan!" he said going along. Louis stood there laughing at our role play.


Zayn got his revenge by throwing eggs at Niall. Niall came in the room with egg in his hair, "So, I think we all need a shower!" I laughed at him,  "So does this kitchen!" "Well, you can go first." I looked at him, "But I have no clothes..it's fine. I'll just go home and take a shower." he raised his eyebrows. "Your not leaving this house looking like a ghost Violet. It's fine, I'll find you something to wear and a new robe. I'm sure I have one," "You sure I can Niall?" he pointed at the flour in my hair "I'm 100% sure Violet, come. I'll show you the way"




After the warm shower, I stepped out. Getting changed into Niall's boxers, my old bra, his grey shirt and jeans. I look awful in his clothes. They all don't fit me. I dried my hair and put it up in a ponytail. I came downstairs to find Niall, I came into the kitchen hoping he was there. And he was. "Niall?"the kitchen was all clean and there was pizza in the oven. "Hey, you look cute in my clothes," I turned around to see Niall also had a shower. I blushed a little. "Not really..what happened in here then?" I said, looking back into the kitchen. "I kind of asked the guys for a favor. No big deal," "Yes big deal! It was like white hell! They all cleaned it up. Wait, how did you convince them? I mean, Liam was literally begging me to clean up with you," he laughed, folded his arms and leaned against the wall. "It took him some convincing, but I told him to do it for his lovely daughter!" I thought back to the father daughter game we did.


We all waited in the living room for the pizza to finish, "How about we start a short twitcam?" Louis asked and looked to all the boys, they all nodded their heads and agreed. He got out his laptop and everyone gathered around him, including me. The twitcam started and I I sat back down across the room, I didn't really want to show my face to all their fans. It was too late anyways. Louis turned the laptop around to face me "And this is Violet! Another trouble maker in this group! Her and Niall decided to have a flour fight in his kitchen!" I covered my face with my hands. What is he doing?! Everyone's going to ask questions now, "She's also my daughter!" Liam added.  "This person said, if she actually your daughter Liam?" Harry read out. He laughed and then replied. "No, she's not." "And this one says, is Niall and Violet a thing? Well, I think Niall wants her to be his thing but their not" I got a pillow and threw it at Zayn, Niall did the same. I checked my phone and the top hashtags were 'NiallsThing' and '1DTroubleMaker' which I found super annoying, I'd love to be his thing but he wouldn't want me anyways. It also sounded a little dirty...



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