We Just Love Food

Cute Irish guy, Niall Horan. Gets in his letter box a £2 of voucher to Nando's, little does he know, he'll meet his soul mate there as well.

And yes, that is Zoella on the cover (again!!) because she so pretty<3
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3. Call Me Maybe?

Violet's POV:


Should I call Niall? What if he's busy, he's in a band and all. I best not interrupt his work. Why would he want a girl like me to phone him anyways? He's an international popstar, why would he waste his time on me? I placed my phone on the coffee table and stared at it. Like he knew my number. Silence fell through the house, it was kind of creepy. Ya, I'll call him. I dialled his number, waiting for him to pick up. It's been about two weeks since we met, I highly doubt he will pick up. 1 beep. 2 beep. 3 beep, "Hello? Who is this?" Are you serious? Oh wait, he doesn't even know it's you yet. I could tell it was Niall with his thick Irish accent. "Hey Niall. It me, Violet. I doubt you remember me. We met in Nando's a couple weeks ago?" please say he remembers. "Violet! I've been waiting ages for you to call! Finally, so what's up?" Thank god. Wait, he's been waiting for ages? What does that mean? He probably just wants to make me satisfied. "Well, I'm eating popcorn and watching TV alone. So I'm great! What about you?" "Haha, well I'm with the boys right now. Back at home, why don't you come over and meet them?" Me, meeting One Direction. I'm not even a directinator, directition. Or whatever they call themselves. I'd feel weird not knowing people I feel I should know. "Are you sure? I don't really know them that much..." "Well does it matter? I thought that was how you make new friends? By talking and getting to know them? Am I not in the 21st century..." He makes me laugh. "No, no. It's different. You guys are famous and millions of people basically know your fact file." "But they don't know our actual personalities. Your getting the chance to meet them personally." I'm not 100% if I should. "Well, I guess that's my only choice of entertainment tonight..." I looked at my TV, TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex, a show that's filmed in real life with real problems and only a few acting) was on. Oh great, orange, fake people alert! "Well great! I'll pick you up, where do you live?"




I got changed into a comfortable hoodie and some leggings. I got my blue vans out from underneath my bed because it matched the colour of my hoodie. I didn't really make an effort in dressing up, even though I was going to meet the boys. First impressions don't really count and I don't have any fancy to wear anyways. I put mascara on and a thin line of eyeliner around my eyes and put my hair up in a messy bun. Just what I was going for. Knock! Knock! I'm guessing Niall's here. I ran downstairs in excitement to see him. I opened the door and there he was. he wore a blue shirt, same as my vans and black jeans. I'm starting to become a girl. Since when did i care about guy's looks and clothes?  "Violet! You look, stunning. You ready to go?" we shared a hug, "I'm always ready!" I simply said. Lame. 


He drove his car to a gate. It automatically opened. It had a path leading to a beautiful house. Wait, I can't even say that it's a house. It looks more like a mansion. About 6 floors I would say, it's pretty wide as well. I gazed up at the house, not even paying attention to the world. "It nice isn't it? I plan on keeping it and grow my own family in this place. I'm just waiting for the right girl to come by and make it happen." that's so sweet. I would love to grow up in this place. We both got out of the car and I followed him to the grand entrance. Inside was warm and comforting. It was a large hallway with doors facing each other on both of the walls. He came up to the very last one and opened it. "Niall!" a chorus of voices came out. The boys I guess.  "I'm back! I'd like you guys to meet someone. Come in" To be quite honest, I'm not usually shy when meeting people. It's just, they are millions on girls who want to be here right now. Just they can't, sucks to be them. I walked in and stood next to Niall.


Sat on one of the sofa's was a dark haired boy. He had a cute smile, he put his tongue in between his teeth when he smiles. Next to him was brown haired one, the one I think shaved his head for charity? Sat on the floor was a curly haired one. They were so curly I wanted to wrap my fingers in them all. He also had a cheeky smile, which kind of freaked me out. On the sofa next to him was another boy, brown hair. He had blue eyes like Niall, but not as bright.  "Who's your lucky girl then Niall?" he said. "This is Violet. The one I met in Nando's," "Ohh," they all said, synchronised, another creepy moment. "You mean the one he's been mentioning to us, none stop all week?" the curly haired one said, "Oh, no. I think this is the one he had a dirty dream of." another one said. Oh my gosh. They're all joking right? I felt my ears getting hotter, I looked up to Niall and he was too. "Guys, stop it. You know who I'm on about. Violet, I'll let the boys introduce themselves." and with that, he left me alone with strangers. "I'm Zayn," "Liam" "Harry, love" "Louis, your best friend!" " Umm, well it's nice to meet you all," they all smiled. Why are they all doing the same thing, seriously. "He did actually have a dream about you, you know." Zayn said. "He was in the kitchen in a state screaming "Damn your a sexy beast! Eat me! Eat me!" it was hilarious," Louis added. "So he sleep talks. We can put a camera in his room for you if you want us too?" "What? No, no thank you." Niall came back into the room, in his usual skin tone. "What are you guys talking about?" they all started to pretend they was doing something else. All really bad actors. Niall sighed. "Would you like to help me cook dinner?" he turned to me, "Um, sure!" I wasn't going to turn down making food. "He never cooks. It's usually Liam who cooks" Louis confirmed and Liam nodded his head "Well, I like change" "You like that sexy beast as well.." Zayn muttered under his breath. I opened my mouth in shock of what he just said. But fortunately for Zayn, Niall already walked out the room out of sight.



Second chapter! Woo! And she's already meeting the boys, pfft. Lucky girl.



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