Secrets and Lies

Casey is a teenager with an amazing will to succeed. She is an incredible runner and is determined to enter a marathon. However it is not that easy. Her world is upturned as her friend's life begins to break down and only Casey can help, Casey is madly in love with a man she thinks will never want her and a sad turn of events results in a huge blow. But Casey is still determined to follow her dream...


4. 7th April 2013

7th April 2013

I liked Nana’s house. Despite its poignant, stuffy and nasty stench it always had a welcoming feel to it. The carpet was cream with a hideously appalling sick coloured rug with tan tassels that slept tastelessly upon it; pictures ranging from ancient black and white photos to all the obscene school photographs of her grandchildren were propped up on her stone fireplace as if they were old people that needed walking sticks to stand. Macabre moth eaten curtains hung heavily from a delicate bronze railing in the sitting room whilst the hall way was desolate calling for company; in fact it’s only companion seemed to be a rickety chestnut table which supported a vintage minty phone with a curly tail.

I respected her love for old fashioned things. She had no little box screen television, nor did she have a proper cooker just a marvellous and admired Aga which was producing the most glorious aroma of roast chicken hiding its normal tang of old people; specially for us as we arrived. I was met with a kiss on the cheek as I stepped inside; which I must say was like too much like having a bird peck me too avidly almost as if I were a tree just waiting to be devoured.

I missed Grandad. As I sat down for lunch with my Sister, Mum, Dad, Nana, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins; I felt alone. Even though he had been gone for three years the table always felt odd, there was always one seat spare. Grandad had left his aurora and it was an extraordinary one. That’s why I liked to go to Nana’s house; it made the happy memories burst into my mind; happy memories that we had spent together, happy memories which I never wanted to forget.

“I think a toast is in order. To Hope, my niece to be!” called my dad raising his wine glass up in the air. We mimicked him, celebrating. After a few minutes of chomping and crunching conversation picked up. My Mum and Aunt Emma were excitedly discussing my un-born cousin, who was found a week ago to be a girl. Mum kept squealing every time Aunt Emma mentioned baby clothes, cots or prams and Aunt Emma was equally delighted and beside herself nattering away about babies. They needed to get a grip. Don’t get me wrong, I was seriously over the moon that I was going to have a new cousin but I was sure that Hope wouldn’t want all this fuss when she wasn’t even born yet! She would when she grew up though.

Both Uncle Ian and Dad were listening to Uncle Barry (whilst drinking a hell of a lot of wine) tell his oh-so thrilling story on when he found out that the baby was a girl, which seemed to last forever and included lots of ‘emotional’ moments when he welled up telling them how ‘happy’ and ‘proud’ he was to be a father of a girl. Of course, they had each been through this experience before and seemed to share to same feelings when it came to finding out they were having baby girls. Now though, the innocent baby girls of my uncle’s and my dad’s had grown up to be challenging teenagers to say the least. Lacey, my 17 year old cousin was very Goth and always had that air about her that made me think that she was surreptitiously plotting horrific ways to kill me. So I didn’t like her very much.

As I ate my ghastly broccoli, I could feel my phone vibrating in my pocket; so I got it out discreetly. Everyone was too engrossed in their conversations to worry about me. I unlocked my phone expecting to find a message from Amaya, but it wasn’t. The number was the unknown number and it said. DONT TINK WE HA FOGOT BOUT U. WEE WIL FIND U SONNER OR LATER. I had completely forgotten about them. I was so surprised that I started choking on the poison trees, and had to be slammed on the back by a cousin called Milo. By the time I had recovered the babble went back to normal. Like anyone cared. The message made my fingers tremble; I was more frightened than before, shocked that they would go out of their way just to make my life a misery. I hadn’t done anything to them, nothing at all.

When my phone vibrated again I let out a tiny scream of terror but I don’t think anyone had heard. Hesitantly opening the text message I let out a tiny sigh, it wasn’t Gina and her minions. But it was Nyx. Casey, who texted you? It read. I could feel her eyes trying to read my mind from opposite the table. So she had noticed. I texted back, saying: Just Amaya.                                                               I got a reply within seconds. It obviously wasn’t Amaya. I’m not stupid; you looked petrified when you read that text. Tell me who it was.                  Like I was going to tell her. Like I said, just Amaya. I wasn’t scared just surprised. She failed her piano exam that’s all.                                                                                                                                                                      Immediately my phone vibrated again. If you say so. I sneakily glimpsed at her and I could she hadn’t brought the story. But she wasn’t going to start an argument, not now.         

I tried to look normal and went back to eating the tasteless cardboard on my plate. Nana was chatting to another cousin (who was actually quite nice) about his incredible university in Cardiff where he was studying chemistry. I really loved Wales and had fallen in love with its accent; it was one of the things that had made me fall for him (not Justin).  According to Justin, the university was very good and had very intelligent teachers; he seemed to have an awesome time there which was the main thing. He had met a girl called Elisha and they had hit off at once; apparently they share an apartment which is cute.

It was all going fine until suddenly Nana stopped talking to him. “Casey dear, I’m sure you must have all the boys in your school falling over each other to talk to you. Is there a young man on the scene?” she practically shouted to me across the table. Slash! She utterly tore the atmosphere apart. I could have felt the tension and expectation in the air as everyone became silent; she had ruined the chatter just like that. My family’s hungry eyes bore into me, annihilated my pride and made my cheeks turn crimson.

Damn Nana! She always had to ask the pickiest questions. Panic ate away at me, causing my heart to go fuzzy and my mind to go blank. What was I supposed to say? That I was in love with the most breathtaking, dazzling, charming, bewitching, stunning, pulchritudinous, attractive, sweet, compassionate, kind, ingenious, witty, innovative, artistic, gifted, talented, imaginative, dexterous, agile, fit, athletic, irresistible, alluring, tempting, flawless and perfect man I had ever set eyes on before. Somehow I didn’t think she or any of my family would take that well.

I simply said no, and everyone got back to their conversations nattering away, like I didn’t even exist. I just blended in with the background, yet again forgotten and lost in the blur of colour that was life.

When we got home, my parents went in the front room to watch another pointless awful TV program which humiliated people too ashamed to go to their doctor but confident enough to go to Embarrassing Bodies and get their mortifying and disgusting abnormality’s fixed but also shown to have the entire British population too. Lovely.

My Mum made sure I had done all my homework before I was allowed to go back into hibernation in my room. I leapt upstairs in a couple of steps and ran for my room until- “Not so fast Casey. Tell me honestly who that text was from!” Nyx demanded menacingly.                                                                                                                                                “I’ve already bloody told you, for God’s sake! Just leave me alone.” I screamed at her, barging past and slamming the door in her face.                                                                                             “Fine have it your way” my sister yelled at me spitting on the floor and marching off in a tantrum. I flopped on my bed, drained of energy. Closing my eyes, I began to fall into a slumber but someone woke me within minutes.

Nyx. She charged into my room, snatched my phone off my bedside table shrieking “I wasn’t going to give up that easily! If you won’t tell me who it was, I will just find out for myself!” Her pupils looked huge and she started tapping like a maniac at my phone, breaking the code the first time. She knew me so well. Greedily she started scrolling through my messages, hungry to find out who it was from as I stood helplessly waiting.

I didn’t know what was up with her; she seemed crazy. It was only one text message. “What! Where is it?” She roared at me.                                                                                                                                                              “Where is what Nyx?” I asked sweetly, infuriating her even more.                                                                                                                                                                            “You know what! You scheming little...”                                                                                              “Scheming little what exactly? And please can you explain to me why you have stolen my phone, are screaming at me and demanding that I conger up a message which you have so desperately imagined? Why do you care so much anyway? You never have before.” I said calmly and patiently. I hated lying to her because it looked like she honestly cared.                                                      “Case. I don’t understand why you won’t tell me!” she cried desperately. I stared at her blankly for so long that she walked out of my room dropping my phone on my bed, swearing and muttering to herself. I despised myself.

“Cover for me tonight, I’m going out again!” Nyx called from her room. Not again.                                         

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