Secrets and Lies

Casey is a teenager with an amazing will to succeed. She is an incredible runner and is determined to enter a marathon. However it is not that easy. Her world is upturned as her friend's life begins to break down and only Casey can help, Casey is madly in love with a man she thinks will never want her and a sad turn of events results in a huge blow. But Casey is still determined to follow her dream...


24. 4th September 2013


It was the first day back at school. Everyone seemed to be buzzing with excitement and nobody seemed to stop talking. And yet I just sat in the class, waiting for it to start. Neither Amaya nor Nico were in my class. On the walls were bright colourful paintings of forests and sunsets and hanging from a line were rows of self portraits painted by what looked like two year olds. The tables were stained with clay and acrylic paints and the seats were wooden and un-comfortable but yet Art would always be my favourite lesson.

Despite what I had witnessed in the summer holidays, I still couldn’t take my eyes of Mr Thayer and I noticed that he was constantly staring at me too. I had never loved anyone’s eyes more than I loved his; they were azure and swirly. I don’t think anyone else loved him the way I did, they all seemed to be restricted by the huge age gap. But love doesn’t have boundaries.

When he started the lesson speaking in his irresistible welsh accent and with his soft pink lips; I couldn’t help but to be lost in his spell. Was it me or did he keep looking over to me as he demonstrated the lesson and messing with his hair whilst sketching an eye? He coloured the eye in different shades of green and browns. Hazel. Once he had finished he told us for a warm up today that we would be working on eyes.

I wanted to draw an eye that wasn’t his, I really did. But as I tried to draw somebody else’s like Amaya’s my pencil sort of lost control as all my mind was thinking about were his eyes. Sighing, I just drew his eye with spectacular detail. Chatter had risen on our table and the talk was about relationships. I hoped I would be left out of it, but I wasn’t. “Casey, you’re not with anyone are you?” questioned a good-looking boy with auburn flick hair-style, brown eyes, a cheeky smile and muscular arms. Somehow I could sense that Mr Thayer had stopped walking and was stood waiting tension nibbling at his insides for my answer. I wanted to say yes to hurt him the way he hurt me, but I also wanted to put him straight and to show him that I was never with Nico.

“No, I’m single” I said with a smile. I could almost feel Mr Thayer’s relief and confusion as I said this. The boy went back to talking to his friends after they accused him of fancying me. Like that was ever going to happen. Nobody fancies a ‘nerd’.

When Sir came around looking at everyone’s impression of an eye, my heart pounded and I really wanted to rip my paper up. It would be too embarrassing if he saw this and then became really awkward because he never liked me in that way at all. But it was too late. He reached my work and paused. Nobody noticed the friction between us, nor did they feel the electric sparks as he accidently-on-purpose knocked my hand. I waited for what seemed like a century for a response. Finally all he said was “This is really, really good Casey” as he looked into my eyes for a long period of time. He then hesitantly walked off, smiling and straightening his tie and flattening his hair again. When we got onto another piece of work I kept catching him looking at me then looking away as soon as caught him. When we made eye contact for the tenth time he smiled at me before turning away again. It was so cute seeing him fidgeting and messing with his hair all the time. When I put my hand up, I had never seen him move so fast. He was there within a second. I only wanted a pencil. Without hesitation he fiddled inside his blazer pocket for a while until he found a pencil. He gave it to me and yet again our hands touched with an explosion of sparks.

He was so shy though, as shy as me. When the bell went, I walked out last and I heard him call my name. Shyly I walked over to him, not being able to look into his eyes with the fear that I might actually melt inside. “ Did you leave a sketch book here, before the summer holidays?  It’s just that I u-m-m found one and it had your name on?” he hammered nervously. My heart sank. Oh my god. I had lost a sketch book. And it had all my drawings in of him and my dreams. He must have seen them!

I badly wanted to say no and run away but he knew it was mine anyway. “E-r-r yeah, I think I did” I reply nervously, was he going to comment on the drawings? I hoped not. He handed me my book with my name scribbled on the front. “I didn’t look inside.” He lied blushing a little. He must of otherwise how could he have known it was a sketch book. I didn’t want to make this any more awkward than it already was, so I said thank you and made to leave. He said one more thing, “you are coming to that art trip next week aren’t you?” I told him I would, not resisting the temptation to turn around and look into his eyes. I wouldn’t miss the trip for the world.

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