Secrets and Lies

Casey is a teenager with an amazing will to succeed. She is an incredible runner and is determined to enter a marathon. However it is not that easy. Her world is upturned as her friend's life begins to break down and only Casey can help, Casey is madly in love with a man she thinks will never want her and a sad turn of events results in a huge blow. But Casey is still determined to follow her dream...


31. 3rd of February 2014


So here I was. The day I had been waiting for. The day I finish the race but let go of Amaya. My foot seemed to heal remarkably quickly and was in fact ok to walk on. But I knew I couldn’t run 26 miles on it; even I wasn’t that brave. I had decided to run as far as I could before the pain was too much, and then use crutches for the rest of the race. It sounded stupid, but it was the only way I could finish the race. Somehow I had persuaded my parents to let me do this.

As the horn was blown, thousands of people set off. Despite everything that had happened I was still very claustrophobic, and all the people running so closely together did still terrify me. But I had to face my fear, I had to. Taking a deep breath in, I allowed myself to be taken by the wave of bodies; most of whom were running at the pace which was ideal to me. Originally my aim was to finish my race in less than five hours, but now I just wanted to finish it.

For the first fifteen miles, I coped reasonably well considering I had been trained for this. I kept my pace steady and never stopped running, taking water offered by generous volunteers and ignoring the searing pain in my foot that was beginning to get worse. After a while though exhaustion kicked in and I could feel myself slowing down. I was losing energy.

About a mile ahead was the stall which held all the energy food and drinks, and greedily I raced towards it. I relished the sweet fruit and the zingy sweets and clenched my first with the energy drinks. And then I was off again.

The second part of the marathon was a lot harder. Everyone had distanced themselves out now and I seemed to be alone. However by the time I reached the place where I had arranged to pick up my crutches I could hardly walk. I limped to Cody and my parents. My Mum and Dad looked very apprehensive about letting me go any further, and for a moment I thought they were going to stop me.

But they didn’t. Cody handed me my crutches and wished me good luck as I carried on with the race. Running with crutches is a lot different than not running with them. They had their positives and negatives. They helped me walk and supported me when I felt I was going to fall over but they all got in the way of running and I couldn’t use my arms at all.

Ultimately, this slowed me down by a lot. But do you know what? I kept going. I had completely lost sight of every single one of my competitors and I feared that I was last. I probably was. Every hop forwards were getting harder, but I did everyone one for Amaya. I felt that if I could finish the race then I could finally forgive myself of what happened to Amaya.

Bang! I hit the wall. I had been dreading this would happen. My whole body stopped and I couldn’t move one more step. I was frozen. Blocking my path was a huge imaginary but very real brick wall. I couldn’t move any further. All my energy was lost and fatigue hit me like a bullet. I was only one mile away from the finishing line. One measly mile.

But I had to do this. I could just see me finishing the race and letting all my worries vanish, I could imagine me falling into his arms and never being happier. But the wall didn’t move. I was stood there for two whole minutes forcing it, and pushing on it and yet it remained as strong as ever.

“I don’t want to give up!” I screamed to the empty world around me. Then my imagination worked over-time. Amaya was standing next to me. She didn’t say a word and out stretched her hand asking me to take it. Was I going mad? I kept blinking but she was still there, unreal but real, solid but transparent. Hesitantly, I reached forwards and took it. She then pulled me slowly through the wall and before I knew it I was dragged to the other side.

What the hell had just happened? I blinked once more and found Amaya had vanished. Not believing my eyes, I tried to take a step forwards. And I could. I took another and another and suddenly I was running! I didn’t need the stupid crutches. Adrenaline was driving me now.

I pounded on and on until what seemed like no time I turned the corner. No more than 100m away was the luminous sparkling golden finish line. I could see people waiting; I could see all my family and friends. I could see Bruno. Everything completely vanished and all I could see was a shining smiling eyes.

I bolted towards him, forgetting everyone and everything except from him. Going straight past the finishing line I leapt into his open arms and we kissed with explosions and fireworks. I had done it, I had really done it!

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Screamed mum, lividly bringing me back to the harsh reality. She pulled me off him and slapped him right across his face hurling abuse at him. What had I done! What was I thinking? I was such an idiot! I tried to protect him but I was roughly pulled away by my Dad. All my family and friend were staring at me in complete and utter disgust. They had found out and they we appalled like I thought they would be. They didn’t understand.

My whole world came crashing down and is burning heap as my Mum called the police over. It all happened so fast. He was handcuffed. I tried to cling onto him and started crying and demanding and explaining. But they wouldn’t listen. We were pulled apart again and he was thrown into the back of a police car, his eyes shining with tears. They couldn’t do this to us! This couldn’t be happening! I tried running after the car as it started driving away but was devoured by my so called family who seemed to want to ruin my life.

And my world changed just like that. It is horrific how lives how be destroyed by one stupid mistake. Even when that mistake is meant to be. Love didn’t have boundaries, but only people that loved beyond the laws could see that. The rest can never ever understand it. And what do people do when they can’t understand something? They say it’s wrong and refuse to accept it. That’s what kind of world we live in now days; a world where things complicated but right is labelled extremely wrong. And I wasn’t going to stand for it any longer.      

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