Secrets and Lies

Casey is a teenager with an amazing will to succeed. She is an incredible runner and is determined to enter a marathon. However it is not that easy. Her world is upturned as her friend's life begins to break down and only Casey can help, Casey is madly in love with a man she thinks will never want her and a sad turn of events results in a huge blow. But Casey is still determined to follow her dream...


9. 25th May 2013


“So this is where I come every morning. We’ve missed the sunrise but still; the view is flawless” I said, sitting on a rock next to Amaya. “You can watch the boats come into the docks from up here, and listen to the seagulls singing. It’s completely at peace up here, nobody knows about this place” But Amaya wasn’t listening, she was taking long colossal breaths, trying to regain steady breathing. She couldn’t help but to pant like a dog needing water, I took pity on her and handed her another water bottle which she greedily accepted. Taking enormous gulps she finished the bottle in a matter of seconds and then started wiping the sweat of her coffee coloured skin, her pulse slowing to only 120 bpm. After a while she came back to breathing normally like the average human being.

“How can you not be breathless or even panting?” she asked in awe. The truth was I’d run up the hill hundreds of times before; I’d gotten used to it. There was hardly any need for so much exaggeration, it’s not like we just climbed Mount Everest for goodness sake. Sure, the hill was steep, but we had run a lot further in cross country. Plus I had done the 60 miles fundraising challenge three weeks ago, so compared to that it was easy. I couldn’t tell her this though; I’d only just made her sadness vanish so I wasn’t going to make it come back again.

“Don’t worry I did, and a lot worse than you. You were too busy drinking to notice” I smiled convincingly. She raised an eyebrow doubtfully like she knew I was lying. Maybe I wasn’t as good liar as I thought I was, so I raised my hands and surrendered, “okay maybe it’s just because I do this every day. You get used to it after a while.”

“But still wow! You still have your arm in a sling. And you look like you’ve just come out of salon, where as me, well I don’t think even lady gaga would be seen dead with me” she laughed enviously looking at my neat wavy hair. With her chestnut pony tail all tangled and looked like it was sprouting whiskers I took pity on her.

“You look completely fine! You didn’t see Jessica Ennis worrying about her hair did you?” I said getting my brush out of my bag. Untying her hair, I brushed it until it got back its naturally shiny gleam. “There, perfect!” I exclaimed.

Getting up we looked over at the view of the little cove below us. Sand as white as snow, sparkled and shone in the sunlight as salmon, pearly and amber seashells lay on the beach sunbathing. Deep mosey green seaweed lay a tangled trap on the edge of safety between the turquoise sea and the soft sand whilst the waves outlined with a milky whirl of heaven galloped hastily towards the shore. Seagulls squawked and wailed at us to leave their home alone, but they should have known that it was our cove not theirs.

Amaya got closer to the edge of the bank hypnotised by the swirl of the sea, she got so close to the edge that suddenly- “Casey!” Amaya shrieked, and then she fell. I thought she had just completely gone but then I saw her hands on the edge of the bank. Heart screaming, head yelling I ran forwards to help immediately. “I’m here! Don’t worry, I will pull you up!” I roared down to her, trying to keep calm for her sake.

Her feet had an ecstasy of scrambling desperately for a foot hold but she found none. She panicked. “You’re going to have to grab my hand!” I cried at her, kneeling down and reaching out my sun freckled extremity.                                                                                                                 

“What? Are you crazy? I will fall as soon as I let go to hang onto you!” she bawled back at me.                                                                                                                                                                

“And I‘ll be there to pull you up! You’re going have to trust me otherwise you will fall!” I yelled at her, tears stinging my eyes.                                                                                                              

   “Okay. Promise me you won’t let go!” she screamed as she sobbed. She was slowly slipping.                                                                                                                                                                                                


“I promise! Okay. Three, two, one, NOW!” She let go and I clasped her hand immediately and pulled her up, but with one arm in plaster Amaya had to pull herself up as much as she could. But within a few struggled seconds she was away from harm and onto the soft glorious sand hill. “Don’t you ever, ever do that again!” I yelled at her, my whole body trembling and shaking in shock of what had happened. She could have been seriously injured. A tsunami of relief flooded up me, wafting tears into my eyelashes and forcing them to form a waterfall which escaped my eyes.

She lay next to me, her body violently shaking with a cascade of terror and adrenaline subsiding with pure abundance. Silently tears rolled down her cheeks as she recovered. After a while she hugged me tighter than anyone had ever hugged me before and whispered two words in my ear. Thank you.










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