Secrets and Lies

Casey is a teenager with an amazing will to succeed. She is an incredible runner and is determined to enter a marathon. However it is not that easy. Her world is upturned as her friend's life begins to break down and only Casey can help, Casey is madly in love with a man she thinks will never want her and a sad turn of events results in a huge blow. But Casey is still determined to follow her dream...


14. 23rd June 2013



“Casey, Casey! Wake up! Wake up! You’re having a nightmare.” Somebody snatched me from my dreams and threw me into harsh reality where the sun was shining. Amaya. I opened my eyes and saw her brown eyes almost next to mine. Instincts kicked in and I jumped away from her silently screaming. Nobody gets that close to me, nobody. When I calmed down I saw that Amaya seemed hurt. Apologizing, I woke up properly realizing that she was just trying to shake me awake from my dream. She hated seeing me upset, and I must have been crying or speaking loud enough for her to wake up. I actually really cared about me.

“Come on, get up! I’ve got a surprise for you” she beamed dragging me out of my sweet strawberry but stifling sleeping bag and told me that my parents said breakfast was ready five minutes ago, which was before I started crying in my sleep, and to come down soon.

When we arrived in the kitchen the most delicious smell wafted from the oven. Waffles! Waffles were my favourite and the rich buttery scent drifted up my nostrils as Dad lifted them onto a plate and started drizzling tasty sweet syrup all over them. My mouth watered. As we sat down for breakfast, just Amaya and I, we chomped our way through a mound of lush heaven. When we had finished Amaya exclaimed “Well, the surprise. We won’t go if you don’t want to of course but I think you will enjoy it. We are going ice skating in this amazing outside rink which had just been opened in this really cool place in Liverpool where lots of new modern things are opening. And then we are going to Chinatown in Liverpool! But there are two things though. Nyx and Cole have to come with us although your parents just think its Nyx, and also Ethan and his friend Nico are coming with us. It’s going to be so cool!” She started jumping up and down in her seat, clearly very excited.

And to be fair it did sound like a great day out. I hadn’t been ice-skating since primary school but it was very fun, and I wasn’t bad at it. I could see why Amaya wanted to go to china town of course, and I think it’s sweet that Ethan wants to go with her. However, this does sound like I am being set up with Nico. With Nyx and Cole together and Amaya and Ethan, it is most probably going to be the case that Nico is single. I didn’t like the idea of Amaya trying to control my life but I knew she was just trying to make me happy. I decided to just go along with it; I mean how bad could it be? Maybe Nico would be cool and we would be friends. I was probably just over thinking things.


“Ethan! Nico! Hey!” squealed Amaya running over to Ethan and dramatically jumping into his arms, shouting to the whole world that he was her boyfriend. Well through her body language anyway. It was 12 o’clock and we meet them outside of a very cool looking ice rink. Raising my eye brows at my friends embarrassing behaviour I shyly walked over to the boys. Ethan introduced Nico and me and from first looks he didn’t seem that bad. He had bright blazing forest green eyes which seemed intelligent, a cool honey coloured quiff (like Matt Smith’s AKA Doctor Who), reasonably tanned skin, black framed glasses which were modern . As the weather was getting quite warm today he had a green shirt on to match his eyes and a black waistcoat which was quirky but fresh. With charcoal jeans, dope trainers and a dazzling smile, this boy was defiantly not from our school.

“Hi, nice to meet you” He said in an unmistakeably Scottish accent. He reached out his hand and I shook it, greeting him. We made our way into the fake ice rink and put on borrowed ice skates, except Nico had his own pair luminous yellow with black stripes. Awesome. However when we got on the ice, I knew I would make a fool of myself because of not being skating for so long. Cole and Nyx were off before we knew it and skated around hands tightly held together. Ethan helped Amaya onto the ice (Who was a very bad at skating) and began to teach her how to skate properly, trying to prise her off the edge. She kept looking back at me; not in a way that suggested she wanted to stay with me or was worried about me, more like trying to tell me how much fun she was having. Trying to make me jealous. She didn’t seem embarrassed as she nearly tripped over lots of times because always was Ethan there to catch her and hold onto to her tight. My heart panged, I really missed the man who killed me every time I thought about him and I really wished that he would be here with me, holding my hand; catching me if I fell.

But no. I was left with Nico. He wasn’t bad though – he seemed to be getting sweeter by the minute- and he seemed to want to help even though we had only just met. His feet started to do a little jig and I could tell that he was itching to get on the ice. However, he waited for me: very gradually I was able to stand up on my own. This was a lot harder than any other sport I had tried. By the way he held himself on the ice it was clear that he had been skating for a while.

Sliver slippery ice seemed to get grated so we glided through it finally having fun. I was right: Nico was a natural. He could do 560 spins, leaps, and complicated stepping sequences; wow, he could do it all. Some giggly tweenagers clapped furiously as he showed me how to do a 360 turn and Nico suddenly stopped. Blushing pink, we skated away from them: it was obvious he didn’t like attention. I liked that about him.

Crash! Some stupid speeding kids slammed into me, and pushed me to the ground with so much force that I was winded for a minute or so. Immediately Nico was by my side; anxious and slowly, trying not to hurt me, helped me up. As soon as he made sure I was okay, he raced after the kids and stopped right in front of them forcing them to bang into a wall. I could hear what he was saying form the other side of the rink “What do you think you are doing? You could have seriously hurt Casey! Don’t you realise that there are other people on the ice besides than you. Don’t be idiots next time, and slow down.” Then he glided back to me within seconds like nothing had happened.

From then on he felt the need to hold my hand as we skated; which was cute but unnecessary. But it was nice to know he cared. As he skated around the rink we bumped into Amaya and Ethan who both looked equally surprised that, 1. Nico and I were holding hands, 2. I seemed to be smiling which I hadn’t done for a while since Hope’s death and 3. That we had hit off so well. I expected Amaya to be delighted about this but behind her maybe fake smile I could see a hint of envy. She couldn’t fancy Nico as well as Ethan, surely? What had got into her recently?

When we found Nyx and Cole (who both noticeably seemed shocked as the same thing as Amaya and Ethan, Nyx with her painted eyebrows raised and Cole with his thunder eyes and his mouth that was slightly open but defiantly wasn’t upturned) we decided we should probably make our way to Chinatown before all the restaurants got too busy.

We arrived at Chinatown, and walked through this huge magnificent arch which was sublime and amazing. Painted golden, crimson, lemon and apple; it was so colourful that it made your eyes burn. I heard a gasp to find it was Amaya, whom seemed in awe of the kind of remake of her home country which she moved from six years ago. Tightly holding onto Ethan, she stepped forwards first into the paradise created just for her. Cole and Nyx followed shortly after, grasping each other’s arms. That left us.

“So, are you coming?” asked Nico gesturing towards the gate.                                                                                                             


“Sure.” I replied. So we walked in; not holding hands but walking closely together, getting to know each other. He told me that he is moving to my school next year for year eleven, and will probably be in our class. He is Ethan’s cousin and is moving to Ainsdale in the summer holiday. He was very open about the reason and said it bluntly: he was getting bullied. And very badly. He told me that he didn’t seem to fit in at any of the schools in Edinburgh, so his family decided to make the move for him and also to be closer to Ethan’s family too.

I was surprised that he had been bullied; he seemed so cool and original to have that happen to him. But maybe that was the problem. In return with his open honesty I told him about my experience with bullying too and opened up a bit (which I usually never did to people I had just met. But Nico seemed different; trustworthy.) I assumed he already knew a bit about me from Ethan, and I wasn’t going to go into the thing about Hope or anything like that; it was too painful.

We walked through the streets as we chatted, and minute by minute we seemed to get on more and more. I liked him. Having caught up with the others we, seemed to be getting closer to this restaurant that was in the centre of all the hustle and bustle. When we turned a corner suddenly: bang! We were in a different world.

Vibrant brilliant colours swirled and whirled singing out, whilst amazing dragons, bright orange, yellow and red, paraded down the centre of the street dancing to a loud irresistible beat; made by a walking band of people on all sorts of different kinds of drums. Everyone was cavorting to the to the rhythm: all these Chinese people dressed in crimson and amber seemed to be shimmering in the sunlight, prancing and whirling with maracas or paper fans, animals, gods and monster all whom were decorated with sequins and painted incredible powerful colours like red, blue, gold, green and yellow.

Amaya squealed and we got lost in the rhythm of the crowd, shouting about how much she missed these festivals. But I was terrified. There was an overwhelming amount of people, everyone pushing and forcing their way forwards. It was suffocating, and I felt dizzy as I was squished and crammed together with stinky sweaty people. The noise was deafening, like a rocket taking off in your ear. I thought I was going to faint.

The terror must have showed in my face, as I felt Nico tightly clasp my hand, reassuring me and trying to calm me down. It helped a little. Whispering in my ear “Don’t worry, Casey. We will get out of here soon” For a second he reminded me of him. I had feelings towards Nico for sure, but it was nothing more than a now strong fondness for him. I felt that he was protecting me as a friend, and he was my new friend, I guess. Sweetly and strongly, he steered me in the right direction constantly making sure I was ok.

After what seemed like an eternity, we barged our way through to the entrance of the ‘May Sum Buffet Restaurant’ which was gleaming gold and scarlet and thankfully open. It was a lot better there. The air conditioning was on and cool wafts of it stopped my face from flushing so much; due to the huge unexpected festival going on outside, it wasn’t that busy and only about eight families were either sitting down and eating or going to collect their food at the large oval shaped counter which was emitting amazing smells of wow flavoured curries, sickly but sensational sweet and sour chicken and vegetables, sticky BBQ ribs, spicy spring rolls and many other delicious flavours. On the other side of the room were large golden shelves that seemed to be cold. Chocolate gateaux, ice cream, jelly, fruit, trifle, cake, cheese cake and a fantastic chocolate fountain that seemed to just sing to the visitors.

I wasn’t the only one with my mouth open slightly and watering, by the looks of it everyone that I had brought with me were just as enhanced by the heavenly food. I could see why we walked so far for this. Wow. With Nyx and Cole looking like responsible adults (looking not being) we were welcomed in and directed to a large mahogany table for six that gleamed under a chandelier. I bet this place was expensive.

After ordering drinks of coke and lemonade for us and cider and wine for Cole and Nyx (we didn’t order alcohol because Amaya was still 15 and although she had had it before she wasn’t allowed it in here because it was against the law, even when she was with legally adults) and Cole and Nyx showing their ID’s to the waitress, we were allowed to go and get food.

I piled my plate with steaming hot spring rolls and prawn toast with some sticky sauce for starter and was the first to sit down. Amaya had tons of exotic starters telling me that she hadn’t tasted this stuff for ages. Nico had seaweed and vegetable spring rolls and ‘money bags’, he said he was vegetarian.


“Ummmmm, I had a really nice day Nico. Thanks for you know, being really sweet and helping me.” I said as we were saying goodbye next to the train station.                                                                    “So did me. And that’s okay, it was my pleasure” he beamed with a dazzling smile. “Well here’s my number, so text or call sometime?”                                                                                                                                                       I smiled. “Of course I will, I promise. You’ve got my number, so if you want to meet up again next time you’re in near Liverpool then just call, yeah?”                                                                                                            

“ Yeah! I will make sure we meet before we got back to school. Besides in the start of the summer, I am moving near you so. Yeah.” He grinned his green eyes happy.                                                                    

“Okay. Where roughly are you moving?” I asked.                                                                                                                      

“I think to a street called Delamere Road, about number 9.” He replied.                                                                      

 “Wow! I live just two streets down from there!” I said, not believing my luck. Soon, the train pulled up whistling and screaming at me to get a move on.                                                                       “That’s good! Well I will see you around.” He said shyly as I made to go towards the train. I didn’t know what made me do it, but I turned around and hugged him lightly then ran off to the train gaining a seat next to Amaya.

Looking out of the window I saw that Nico looked pleasantly shocked, but was waving and smiling at me. We waved until Ethan and Nico turned into a blur and they were out of sight. Well that was an eventful day.

“So are you and Nico together now?” asked Amaya scornfully. I could see Cole was trying to look as if he wasn’t listening, but it was obvious that he was.                                                                                            

“No! We’re just friends.” I said, truthfully. Well that’s how I felt about him, and I thought he felt the same way about me. Hopefully.                                                                                                                                                         “If you say so…” replied Amaya , oddly in a moody voice. She then ignored me for the whole journey. What was that about?

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